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When will the 🅿️ain go away?

Well… here we are again. I believe my emotions have gone completely numb from what we’ve had to endure this season. The amount of times we have cut a game to insigne digits in the second half… even one or two possessions… I don’t think I’ve seen a team come this close so many times. […]

What’s Ahead

Last time you heard from me we were about to play UCONN. It’s basically taken me until now to mentally recover from that. Theres only so many times you can watch your team resurrect itself mid game only to come to a burning crash minutes, even seconds later! Story of a St. John’s fan I […]

We’re Close… Again.

Well the season certainly hasn’t gotten off to the start that we all wanted, that much I think we can all agree on. The Indiana game was a tough one, if Mathis doesn’t get that flagrant AND get kicked, I think we come out of Bloomington with a win. Asking for a huge upset win […]

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