Barstool St. John's

Back to School Recap

Go back to school during a pandemic they said, it’ll be fun they said. Don’t get me wrong, chilling with the guys and gals in a small setting has been a great time, but your boy is itching for a big party.

Here’s the big issue. I’m missing the ‘Friday Feeling’. Gone are the days of finishing your 3:25 class on a crisp Friday afternoon and getting excited to go pregame with the fellas and ladies for a big night out. That is what I am missing right now.

Are frat parties hit or miss? Yes. But would I be ready to drop 10 bucks, slug natty lights, sweat my ass off, and attempt to run the pong table? Absolutely. Freshmen who haven’t even been to a party yet I’m actually sorry, it gets better.

Aside from the Friday feeling, many St. John’s students also are missing the TUESDAY feeling. Parson’s being closed is ROUGH. While Frat parties can be hit or miss, Tuesday’s at Parson’s was something you could count on. There is nothing better than strolling over to Parson’s on a Tuesday night and absolutely throwing down dollar brews in those plastic cups, while the whole bar raps along to Dreams and Nightmares. American runs on Dunkin, St. John’s runs on Parsons. Fingers crossed for a reopening date to be announced.

Now, it’s got to be said. St. John’s is doing a phenomenal job with handling the coronavirus and I think we are past getting sent home (I hope).

Let me just say by sacrificing big parties, I sure as hell hope we at get a basketball season. Can’t wait to see Caraher ball like Mike this winter!

By Dylan Kelly

New York Sports Fan. St. John's Basketball.

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