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T-minus 50 Days Until Big East Basketball

Official practice has begun for our basketball team and the videos from practice have been getting me so stoked for the season.  John Rothstein was in attendance for a practice just yesterday and had many good things to say about our newcomers.  Jon projects Posh Alexander to be a stud for us and likely a starter, which really shouldn’t be a surprise given his high school highlights. If you haven’t seen them already, click the video below.

Jon also said he was high on Dylan Wusu,  saying he was the most physically imposing freshmen guard “I’ve ever seen”. That is very high praise from someone who has been in this business for quite awhile. Wusu, who is often in Posh’s shadow, can undoubtedly be a stud in his own right.  He had a 50+ point performance in high school at Our Savior Lutheran. Wusu Highlights Below.

Everyone keeps sleeping on Wusu and I expect him to breakout. Plus I think Wusu is a fun and catchy last name so why not root for this guy. 

Dylan’s Starting 5 vs. Rothstein’s Starting Five

With the basketball season right around the corner and Big East basketball starting on December 12th it seemed right to make some starting lineup predicitons.

Rasheem DunnPosh Alexander
Greg WilliamsRasheem Dunn
Vince ColeGreg Williams
Julian ChampangieJulian Champangie
Josh RobertsArnaldo Toro

Although I am very high on Posh I don’t see him starting day 1. I think he’ll start at some point this season but it won’t be opening night. Also, I expect Josh Roberts to go right back to the five spot this season as he continues to develop…Rothstein predicting Arnaldo Toro in the starting lineup seems like a bit of a stretch. (Then again Jon Rothstein is the same guy who posts this same tweet every single day since like March so clearly he’s not all there). The big reason why I include Vince Cole in my starting lineup is because I think you need to have your best three-point shooter in to start the game. Many speculate Vince Cole to be the one to fill LJ Figueroa’s scoring role from a year ago, which makes me think he will be a day one starter.

Like come on Jon is this really necessary everyday?

To be quite honest the starting lineup for St. John’s this year might be the most irrelevant thing to talk about as they will be going around 10 deep every game. I’d expect to see several different combinations of starting lineups and different rotations throughout this season.

Big East Sixth Man of the Year?

Get your bets in now, Marcellus Earlington Big East Sixth-Man of the Year. You heard it here first from SJU Barstool. The 6-foot-6 forward saw his minutes increase to 18.2 MPG last season from 3.9 MPG as a freshmen. In 2019-2020 he scored 9.0 PPG and contributed 4.7 REB. To be quite honest these numbers could be so much higher if he played the way he played in the second half of the season for the entire year. These numbers will increase yet again, this year he will average double digit points and likely around 6-7 boards. Marcellus is someone who could see their name in the starting lineup…but if not I would give him the best odds at winning the Big East Sixth man of the year award.

Gamble to Pay Your Tuition

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By Dylan Kelly

New York Sports Fan. St. John's Basketball.

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