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The Most Clutch Players in SJU History: Wrong Answers Only

This afternoon, we asked fellow Red Storm fans for their takes on the most clutch players in the history of this historic basketball team with the caveat that we were looking for wrong answers only. Our replies blew up immediately so I think it is time for us to take a deep dive on some of the players you wanted nowhere near the ball in the second half but you got a pleasant surprise.

Players in consideration:

Durand Johnson

In a game where SJU was trailing to America’s future darling UMBC, Durand Johnson stepped up for the boys and absolutely balled out in the second half. An absolute king helped St. John’s get a pivotal win in a season where every win counted as the Red Storm made the Tournament.

Elijah Holifield

Today, the SJU Barstool account made a new close personal friend by the name of Elijah Holifield. When I saw this reply in our mentions, the name sounded relatively familiar but I could not put the name to the face. Our new friend Elijah attached a GIF of an absolute bucket he hit against Fordham during the 2016-17 season. One may ask why this GIF exists but we are proud of our new friend Elijah and we can rule him out for least clutch player in recent SJUBB history.

Dishonorable mentions:

LJ Figueroa

Our former king LJ deserves recognition on this list. We don’t want to get too salty about the former king of Queens leaving us this season but can you remember a streakier shooter in SJUBB history> It feels unfair to people with actual jump shots to consider LJ a shooter because he would often chuck the ball at the rim leaving everyone to wonder if Figueroa had ever worked with a shot coach in his life. LJ was a notoriously streaky shooter with a tendency to get cold down the stretch which killed St. John’s in many close games over the past two years.

Max Hooper

Max Hooper spent one season at St. John’s University and oh baby was it memorable. Hooper played a cool 9 minutes a night with 3.2 points per game. The reason for Hooper’s entry on this list is his home performance against Providence in 2014. Mr. 3.2 points per game felt like it was his moment. Hooper declared “It’s Max Hooper Time” as he missed a brutal three to lose this game in a season where every Big East game was important for the Red Storm as we narrowly missed the Tournament.

Let us know if you have any further suggestions and we can update the blog! Have a great day everybody and Go Red Storm!

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