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5 Days Until the Storm: Dylan Addae-Wusu Player Profile

You might not have expected much Dylan Addae-Wusu talk on the blog today. Hell this might be your first time hearing about Wusu and that’s okay.

People have been sleeping on the freshman guard from the Bronx for far too long and it is time to stop. Wusu is similar to the Michael B. Jordan character in NBA 2k17 as he was slept on at the high school level but he can really hoop in the same backcourt as Posh Alexander. The last name Wusu is also absolutely tremendous. You can already hear St. John’s fans at Carnesecca or Madison Square Garden screaming “WUUUUUUUUUUUUUSUUUUU” in the back of your head as the freshman guard is poised to be an impact player at St. John’s in the near future and a major piece of the puzzle for Mike Anderson going forward.

Addae-Wusu’s Game:

Wusu’s tape makes him seem to be a slashing and scoring guard. It is difficult to keep track of exact stats as Wusu played across multiple levels of competition but the 3 star guard seems to be relatively well rounded. He received offers from noted college basketball powerhouse UMass (in the late 90’s…look it up I’m not kidding, UMass was coached by John Calapari and really good at basketball for a few years that technically don’t exist anymore because of paying players) and a local school in Wagner. Wusu is a powerful guard with strong playmaking abilities.

Wusu’s game has been described by the Recruit the Bronx website as “He has plenty of energy, explosion and athleticism in his game. Has a lot of quickness in his game and loves to run on the fast break. When going up to the basket, he takes a lot of strong drives to the hole. He also has the ability to rebound in the low post.” When looking at Wusu, you can see he is a strong guy. He has a wide frame and wingspan which are good traits that will help him transition to the difficult matchups he will endure in the Big East. 

Relationship with Posh Alexander

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Wusu was Posh’s wingman at Our Saviour Lutheran and they dominated AAU together. The 3 star prospect began his high school career at Sacred Heart in Yonkers where he was third-team all state. Wusu averaged 22.8 points per game at Sacred Heart and Our Savior Lutheran was a powerhouse with Wusu and Posh as they won the Grind Session Championship Game as seniors. Wusu has be a strong friendship to the point guard Posh and this emotional connection could help Posh transition into the college game.

2020-21: Expectation vs Reality

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It’s going to be a real challenge to predict the immediate impact of Dylan Wusu. Wusu will not see much of the court in 2020. A player like Wusu would be helped by St. John’s usual weak non-conference schedule as we could see his potential in easy minutes but this year St. John’s schedule is much more difficult so it may be difficult for Wusu to get minute. St. John’s backcourt is also thoroughly fleshed out right now so it is going to be really hard to find meaningful minutes for Wusu. Hopefully Wusu had a strong showing during the preseason workout and will be able to play sheltered minutes this year.

The Future

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Wusu and Posh are the first high level recruits by Iron Mike and their games will be shaped by Anderson’s system. I really hope we get a few moments of Wusu and Posh together this season as this dynamic duo will be the future of the program going forward.

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