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St. John’s Holds On For Victory vs. Boston College

HUGE First Half

The first half of this one was all about the Johnnies. After falling behind 20-10 in the first seven minutes of the game, St. John’s turned it up for the rest of the half. Posh Alexander (yet again) caught the eyes of viewers. The rookie has been nothing short of impressive so far this season and the first half of tonight’s game was no different. He scored 7 of the Johnnies first 15 points and tallied 16 total points at the half. Posh showed off his range from beyond the arc, banging home his first two threes as a Johnnie.

After sitting out the first two games do to injury, Julian Champagnie was IN HIS BAG in the first half of this one. He hit all types of jump-shots from mid-rangers to fade-aways and 2 three pointers. Dylan Wusu assisted 5 buckets in the first half and played hard, solid basketball throughout the game. St. John’s went on an 11-3 run between the 8:00 and 5:00 minute mark and then ended the half on a 23-8 run. We have some absolute hoopers on this squad and the first half showed us that. Mike Anderson’s recruits not only play great defense, but they know how to get buckets as well.

Strong Second Half…. And Then a Not So Strong Second Half

The second half was a tale of two different types of Red Storm Basketball. In the second half, Julian really let it be known that he runs the show around here. He opened the half with yet another three pointer. He finished with 29 points and 10 rebounds, earning himself a double-double. Dylan Wusu also had a strong second half. The man is too big and too strong. He added a three pointer in the second half to go along with several other great plays throughout, including a key and one down the stretch. The second half featured a SportsCenter Top-10 caliber play where Greg Williams Jr threw down a ferocious dunk (see Play of the Game). St. John’s grew their lead to 20 points at one point during the second half (75-55), and then decided to make things way too interesting down the stretch. Fortunately they avoided heartbreak after Greg Williams hit a pair of clutch free throws, and Julian Champagnie blocked BC’s final shot. It was too little too late for BC and St. John’s snagged win number three.

Julian Champagnie, Posh Alexander, and Greg Williams Jr. all finished with 17+ points tonight for St. John’s (see box score).

Play of the Game

As if there was any doubt as to what this was going to be.

GREG MOTHERFUCKING WILLIAMS JR. The most bounce in the Big East and maybe the whole country. This was one of those plays that got everyone out of their seat. What a dunk. Sometimes you are simply left speechless after an incredible play and this was one of them. We love you Greg.

Player of the Game

Could’ve went in so many different directions with this award tonight. But one guy really stood out. Tonight’s SJU Barstool Player of the Game: Julian Champagnie

In his first game of the season the sophomore absolutely lit it up from all 3 levels. He looked more confident than I’ve ever seen him and, boy, was it a thing of beauty. It’s clear that Champagnie took it upon himself to take his game to the next level. He scored 29 points in this one and pulled down 10 rebounds. Julian let it be known tonight that he is that dude for SJU and that he is an All-Big East caliber player.

Box Score

Williams Jr.3621117

Gambling Results

Welp, didn’t see this one coming. But hey, even if you lost your bet, the Johnnies got the dub and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Should’ve known better and taken them ML in this one.

By Dylan Kelly

New York Sports Fan. St. John's Basketball.

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