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Anyone Else Think It’s Not Too Early For a Must Win?

The Red Storm got the doors blown off them by the no. 9 team in the nation on Thursday night at home. Peak example of classic Johnnies: go down by a lot, tease us by making it close and get our hopes up, then wind up still losing.

Game recap

St. John’s was down bad early in the first half, with the largest Creighton lead being 16. Yet somehow, St. John’s managed to break it within two in the mid-second half.

SJU continued to play great defense for a couple more minutes. Then, the turning point in the game occured when Marcellus Earlington travelled and the tone of the game suddenly changed. It felt like someone just took a needle and popped our balloon.

Following the turnover, the Bluejays managed to pull of a 28-8 run in like 9 minutes and went on to finish the game with an 18 point dub. Definitely not an ideal turn of events.

When the game ended, there was a golden question on all of our minds: What the fuck is good with Josh Roberts?? Why doesn’t get any playing time?? Our guess is as good as yours. We don’t get it either.

I will say though, there was one silver lining during the loss: Arnaldo Toro looked good in his 8 minutes of play. We were waiting for this. Hopefully he can keep this up and continue to provide decent shifts off the bench — which leads me to my highlight of the game.

Highlight of the game

The most excited I got during the 40 minutes was watching Toro showing a little razzle-dazzle with the post moves.

So, what’s in store for tonight?

  • a) We NEED a conference win

It’s time to get serious now. We have started 0-3 in the Big East for the second year in a row, and third time in four seasons. While it’s still early, this is as close to a must win as you could have for this point in the year. An 0-4 Big East record would be detrimental to St. John’s tournament hopes in what is already a shortened season.

Being that the Villanova game on Dec. 30 was postponed, SJU won’t be playing until after New Years — against DePaul. A loss would hurt badly because we will have to wait two weeks to play again. Two weeks at a chance of redemption just to get our first conference win. However, a win could set the Johnnies back on the right track and give us a little momentum going. We would presumably be only one game below .500 in Big East play following that DePaul win lol.

  • b) Getting revenge on the Hoyas

Need I say more? After that choke job a week ago in DC, the Red Storm should come out motivated, angry, and ready to wipe the floors at Carnesecca. I predict they will do just that, and send Georgetown back to the nation’s capital realizing their win over us was a fluke.

Betting predictions

The Killmer Crystal Ball has spoken. He doesn’t trust the -4.5 spread, but he is VERY confident in SJU moneyline. Take it to the bank. I already told you my prediction for the night, so bet comfortably.

We shall see how the night turns out. Hopefully I get a St. John’s victory, AND a Giants win on Sunday Night Football. Huge for their playoff hopes. Happy Sunday y’all.

By Matt Agosta

Decided to try out this blogging thing.

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