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Barstool Fund Supporting Acquista Trattoria

The Barstool Fund

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Barstool Fund, Dave Portnoy (President of Barstool Sports) is leading a charity for small businesses around the country who are in jeopardy of being put out of business due to COVID-19.

Dave started off the fund by putting $500k of his own money into the fund, and then opened it up to big time celebrities and regular people to donate. Dave has encouraged celebrities such as Tom Brady, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dana White, Pat McAfee, and many others to donate to the fund. In less than two weeks the Barstool Fund raised over 11 million dollars and has saved over 50 small businesses. They continue to exponentially raise more and more money and save more and more businesses everyday. 

On an appearance on Tucker Carlson, Dave said that he’d “Rather be sitting on a beach, betting on horses, drinking, but nobody else is going to do it. We have this big platform, so we’re going to try to help as many small businesses as we can.” Dave stepped up to the plate when this country needed it the most and utilized his platform to do a tremendous amount of good during this holiday season. The Barstool Fund has changed the lives of so many small business owners in a desperate time of need.

Saving Acquista Trattoria

This morning Dave reached out to Acquista Trattoria, a famous restaurant in Fresh Meadows and right down the street from St. John’s. St. John’s alumni and current students know that this is a St. John’s staple and hearing this news was personally touching. 

The Barstool Fund pledged to support Acquista Trattoria with any financial help they may need until we make it to the other side of this pandemic.

Normally at Barstool we do a lot of joking around and post funny content so this is a bit more serious of a post then we are used to.  2020 was one of the most difficult years of our lives and unfortunately for so many small businesses they were forced to close because of financial trouble. Getting news like this gives us so much hope for a great 2021. 

Happy New Year Everyone!

By Dylan Kelly

New York Sports Fan. St. John's Basketball.

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