Barstool St. John's

What’s Ahead

Last time you heard from me we were about to play UCONN. It’s basically taken me until now to mentally recover from that. Theres only so many times you can watch your team resurrect itself mid game only to come to a burning crash minutes, even seconds later! Story of a St. John’s fan I guess.

The path ahead is fairly clear for us though. Not easy, but what we have to do if these guys, … (I can’t believe I’m about to say this again) want to save their season. We have to take one from Nova, if we drop both we’re done, simple as that. We need to take our home game with Providence, both with Butler, both against Xavier, I think if we drop one we’re done, the other against Creighton and both against Marquette. Oh and we have to beat UCONN in what’s basically going to be a bigger home game than the one at Gampel. It usually happens as of late that we’re outnumbered by opposing fans in MSG but I think this may be on another level. UCONN fans have been itching to get back in the Garden ever since their begging attempts toxin the ACC went south and they came crawling back to the Big East with their tail between their legs. My hate for them is immeasurable, and that last game didn’t help.

So basically we have to win out. Maybe one loss to Nova. But that’s it.

Now for my coaching and player usage gripes.

Once again. What more does Omar Stanley have to do to get playing time? The kid is the first off the bench when someone comes out, he’s the biggest cheerleader we’ve got and it’s obvious to anyone in the building he’s giving his all every second he’s pout on the floor. PLAY THIS KID. He’s done nothing but impress. His size is lacking but at this point Iron Mike’s gotta roll with the results. He’s given other teams bigs the most trouble by far this year. WE were very close in the Providence game before he got yanked and he definitely gave Segon Hall bigs more trouble than anyone else that I saw.

Aaron Wheeler has impressed! This kid is finding his stroke on the floor and it’s looking great. Tareq Coburn as well came off the bench and hit two threes last game. If we want Julian to get back to shooting the clip he’s used to that is what needs to happen. Show the other teams we have more shooting threats beyond the arc than just him. If we space the floor and get him open the shots will start to fall for him again.

This isn’t really the second half of the season but I think it’s smart we all start to consider it that. We’re once again one loss away from needing the mythological Big East Tournament win to get into the big dance.

The future is not bright but there are still possibilities. If this team really wants to impress and show off the talents we were promised before the season (or just get some fucking rebounds) they could turn this ship around.

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