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The State of the Yankees

I mean what the actual fuck. Where do I fucking start. What is the point of making any fucking moves in the offseason if we’re just gonna get our asses handed to us by the fucking Astros every year.

This team seriously has no fucking back bone. No pinstripes earned in the least. Cole, maybe, Bader, maybe but they both did their best to get them taken away that’s for damn sure.

Cole pitched his balls off for most of the postseason, lost it a bit in the last game there but if Bader just lets Judge catch the fucking ball we get out of that inning, and of course the short porch comes back to bite us in the ass. We’re a fucking joke at this point lets face it.

Bader was really the only bright spot in the lineup for the whole postseason in my opinion. I love the guy, amazing defense but I’m not expecting him to hit more than 12 homers next year, the only thing is this team had no fucking chemistry going into the postseason and I’m gonna have to blame it all on Boone.

Say what you want about him being able to keep the players sane with the fans and media… Okay you’re right, but it’s fucking New York, that’s how it is. Stop babying these guys. if they’re batting .200 don’t act like that’s a good thing say they have to step the fuck up and play like a god damn major leaguer.

Apart from that, could this idiot mismanage games more? It’s a tie game in the ALCS why the fuck is Clarke Schmidt coming in? Stop planning out the bullpen so fucking much and put in someone who is going to get fucking outs, it’s the playoffs. Stop worrying about fucking injuries, you shouldn’t be. No one should be not even the players. Blow their fucking arms out and get us a fucking championship.

Also, I think it needs to be addressed that the whole configuration of the roster was pretty shit. No team is going to win fucking games if you don’t have a consistent shortstop. Tell me another World Series winner that has played 3 different guys at shortstop in a series. At least we din’t have to see IKF make anymore errors but I mean c’mon it’s an embarrassing look testing out rookies in the playoffs. Also, I get he was red hot ll season but why the fuck did Matt Carpenter get so many at bats when all he did was strike out constantly. Un-fucking-believable honestly.

I think this team really missed DJ a lot this postseason, the guy who usually starts a rally… What they really need to look into this offseason is guys who put the ball in play, enough with the homer hitters… it doesn’t win you close games. The home runs are nice, they put asses in seats, but when you get a good team with a loaded pitching staff… Houston… and even Cleveland, they pushed us to the brink, I’ll give them credit, they get mowed the fuck down. Josh Donaldson was a deer in the headlights for most of the postseason.

Resign Judge, we still have Stanton, Rizzo is a good hitter, he has good at bats, but really after that, I think that’s enough of the power hitters. They’re useless if you don’t have guys that get on base because then they won’t see a single decent pitch in the at bat.

Also, what is the point of having the best hitter in baseball if you’re going to bat him first or second every game… sink him down in the lineup, 3rd or 4th and let him have a stab at batting with some guys on base. Throw away the analytics for a second and remember that it’s still baseball. It’s a game of finesse, there’s no rhyme or reason to most of the things that happen in it, you can’t try to win it being robotic which is exactly what I think Boone was doing. You have to ride the hot hands. Put in Loaisiga and Holmes in the key situations, they are your best arms. Same goes for taking Cole out in Game 3. You don’t pay him over 300 million to take him out with the bases loaded in the 6th. I mean have some faith. He’s at 95 pitches… He’s going to get plenty of rest if you get fucking eliminated, and look where we are.

As for Judge in the postseason, I mean he obviously got cold, but that’s why I think it would’ve been important to move him down in the lineup, give him more pitches to see, maybe let them get a runner on for him so the other team can’t just pitch around him once our leadoff hitter, which changed about every game, strikes out in a 4 pitch at bat.

It sucks to see the Yankees make the same shitty decisions against the same team year in and year out, and I think it’s really time they change the demeanor of the clubhouse. Someone with an iron fist. I think every Yankee fan just wants Joe Torre back. As for Cashman, I’ve gotta say he does put together a good roster, one that if you’re Yankees management you have to like. Star players, 99 win seasons, it’s tough to be upset at, but at the ned of the day, you’re the New York Yankees. It might not be the 90s anymore but the reason you’re the most famous sports team in the world is because you win championships. Any season without one is a bust, and that’s what your fanbase has been built on. If you ask me, go get the best contact hitter on the market this offseason, resign Judge, then reload the bullpen, whether it’s trades or not, get guys who throw fire balls. Enough messing with Chapmans who’s gone finally, and Brittons of the world. They’re failed experiments, injury prone. And get one maybe two more elite starting pitchers. You have Cole, Nestor, and Sevy, but after that you need to upgrade. The pieces are there and you can hypothetically wait for the young kids who are very promising in the farm to come up but now your brand is at stake. You’ve become a mockery. Your manager and “mental skills coach” are showing videos to motivate your players of the most disgraceful time in your franchise’s history to try and rally them. And not only this, they’re so blind to the fact they’re actually telling the media this themselves.

Change needs to come soon, or else the fans which players are seemingly coming more and more afraid of will only get worse. Get guys who are proven contact hitter, one maybe two more proven, elite starters, and two guys you know are going to close the door when there’s runners on in the 7th, 8th and 9th… Oh yeah and guys WHO WANNA PLAY FOR THE NEW YORK FUCKING YANKEES.

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