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College Football Picks Nov. 5 (13-10 Last week)

Alright well my NFL picks gave way too much confidence, but some of these games I don’t think anyone saw coming. Anyways… this is a redemption week for me. Buckle up as I pick the spreads for every top 25 game and make you millions. It’s mostly chalk this week unfortunately but thank melter anyways.

Oregon State VS. Washington – Washington -3.5

Ohio State VS. Northwestern – OSU -38.0 (yikes)

Texas Tech VS. TCU – TCU -9.5

UNC VS. Virginia – UNC -7.5

Tulane VS. Tulsa – Tulane -7.5

Tennessee VS. Georgia – Georgia -8.0 (I trust the dawgs especially at home)

Oregon VS. Colorado – Oregon -31.5

Penn State VS. Indiana – Penn State -14.0

Michigan State VS. Illinois – Michigan State +16.0 (Mich State literally mugged a kid last week they’ve got some pent up aggression)

Oklahoma State VS. Kansas – OK State -2 (you just wish Kansas’ QB didn’t get hurt)

Syracuse VS. Pitt – Pitt -3.5 (I will never bet for Syracuse)

UCF VS. Memphis – UCF -3.5 (They have national championship, and just beat cincy)

Clemson VS. Notre Dame – ND -3.5 (Go Irish)(they’ll probably get blown out though)

Alabama VS. LSU – Bama -13.5 (Fuck Brian Kelly)

Texas VS. Kansas State – Texas -2.5 (Kansas State can’t be good right?)

Michigan VS. Rutgers – Michigan -26.0 (I mean is this even a question)

Arizona VS. Utah – Utah -17.5 (Arizona football will never be good)

Wake Forest VS. NC State – Wake Forest -4.5 (I guess I’ll ride with Sam Hartman

UCLA VS. Arizona State – UCLA -10.5 (pretty sure ASU football is in shambles currently)

CAL VS. USC – USC -21.5 (we all saw the video of marshaon talking about the crowd at the CAL game, enough said)

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