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12 Days Until the Storm: Arnaldo Toro Player Profile

Life Before the Storm

Before joining the Red Storm, grad-transfer Arnaldo Toro played four years at The George Washington University in DC. In his senior season at GW, the Puerto Rico native posted 6.1 PPG and led his team in rebounding with 7.0 REB. The Toro signing could perhaps fix the rebounding woes of St. John’s from a season ago. Last season Toro pulled down 24 rebounds in a single game. TWENTY-FOUR REBOUNDS. He tied an A-10 record that night against American. He started in games all four years throughout his time at GW and in his junior season, he was averaging near a double-double before going down with an injury.

Arnaldo Toro Junior Year Highlights at George Washington University

Toro is not a man of many flashy highlights. His scoring numbers and highlight reels don’t particularly stand out to the naked eye. However, what he contributes to any basketball team should never go unnoticed. He is a solid, hard-nosed player. He finishes around the rim, plays great defense, and crashes the glass like no other. He is the type of player that every team needs and that every coach loves.

What to Expect

Unfortunately, Toro will only have one season in Queens… but that doesn’t mean he won’t make his mark this season. What I’m expecting from this 6-foot-8, 250-pound beast this season is for him to play a decent amount of meaningful minutes to give the Johnnies the experience they need to win games. Toro understands what it is like to defend at the D-1 level. Although the A-10 is no Big East, Toro should be able to anchor the paint for the Red Storm this season whether it be as a starter or in spurts off the bench. I think Toro has a real shot to lead the team in rebounding this season, as he has already done at George Washington.

Toro is a player who is flying under the radar right now but I think it is only a matter of time before a lot of St. John’s fans will begin to appreciate the work he does.

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13 Days Until The Storm: Isaih Moore Player Profile

From JUCO to the Big East

The South Carolina native, Isaih Moore, is a JUCO product from Pearl River Community College. Standing in at 6-foot-10 with a 7-foot-6 wingspan, Moore is ready to make a big impact for the Johnnies this season. For anyone who has watched St. John’s in recent years, it is evident that we’ve been missing a solid big man. Lucky for us it seems as if we may have found a gem in Isaih Moore.

Life before St. John’s

After one season at the College of Charleston, Moore knew it wasn’t the right fit for him for the rest of his collegiate career. In one season playing JUCO ball at Pearl River CC, Moore averaged 15.9 PPG, 9.1 REB, and slightly over 2 BPG. Moore gets up and down the floor like a shooting guard with the length of a center. He was an efficient 54.3% shooting from the field and even chipped in a handful of threes throughout the season, shooting 28.9% from beyond the arc. One of his most impressive stats from his one season at Pearl River CC was shooting 80% from the free throw line. Free throws and rebounding was the kryptonite of the Red Storm a year ago, and Moore provides the attributes to fix that.

Moore was recruited by schools such as LSU, Arkansas, and Alabama, but ultimately chose to come to Queens. He ultimately chose St. John’s because he felt like he could shine here and for the opportunity to play in the Garden.

2K MyCareer Badges?

If we were handing out 2K MyCareer badges to the St. John’s roster Moore would be blessed with these four.

  • Lob City Finisher
  • Rim Protector
  • Fast Break Finisher
  • Glass Crasher

I’m expecting Moore to throw down a ton of alley-oops this season, as he did in JUCO. Going back through his highlights, such a massive part of his game is positioning himself well on fast break opportunities to either catch a lob or a regular pass and finish it off with a dunk. Pairing a wildly athletic forward like Moore with an already incredible quick backcourt with Dunn, Posh, and Williams, should lead to many easy baskets for the big man. Lobs aren’t the only easy baskets Moore gets though. He is proficient in crashing the offensive glass. His highlight reel has plenty of put-back dunks and lay-ups. This is a hustle stat that can’t go unnoticed when talking about Isaih.

Where does Moore fall on the Depth chart?

Moore’s playing time will be completely what he makes of it. When evaluating the St. John’s roster it appears as if he will be primarily competing with Josh Roberts for minutes. However, we have to remember that last season Mike Anderson opted to go with a smaller lineup in many situations with Earlington at the 5, disregarding playing a center at all. We also have to remember that Moore is not limited to just playing in the 5 spot. You could even see a big lineup with Roberts at the 5 and Moore on the perimeter. Moore is a player that will have to prove their worth to Iron Mike this season and force him to keep a big guy in the game. Isaih could be an important piece for the Johnnies on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball this season.

Moore is already captivating attention of reporters who have been lucky enough to get to watch a St. John’s practice. Fully expect Moore to put the Big East on notice this winter.

Remember the name. Isaih Moore.

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T-minus 50 Days Until Big East Basketball

Official practice has begun for our basketball team and the videos from practice have been getting me so stoked for the season.  John Rothstein was in attendance for a practice just yesterday and had many good things to say about our newcomers.  Jon projects Posh Alexander to be a stud for us and likely a starter, which really shouldn’t be a surprise given his high school highlights. If you haven’t seen them already, click the video below.

Jon also said he was high on Dylan Wusu,  saying he was the most physically imposing freshmen guard “I’ve ever seen”. That is very high praise from someone who has been in this business for quite awhile. Wusu, who is often in Posh’s shadow, can undoubtedly be a stud in his own right.  He had a 50+ point performance in high school at Our Savior Lutheran. Wusu Highlights Below.

Everyone keeps sleeping on Wusu and I expect him to breakout. Plus I think Wusu is a fun and catchy last name so why not root for this guy. 

Dylan’s Starting 5 vs. Rothstein’s Starting Five

With the basketball season right around the corner and Big East basketball starting on December 12th it seemed right to make some starting lineup predicitons.

Rasheem DunnPosh Alexander
Greg WilliamsRasheem Dunn
Vince ColeGreg Williams
Julian ChampangieJulian Champangie
Josh RobertsArnaldo Toro

Although I am very high on Posh I don’t see him starting day 1. I think he’ll start at some point this season but it won’t be opening night. Also, I expect Josh Roberts to go right back to the five spot this season as he continues to develop…Rothstein predicting Arnaldo Toro in the starting lineup seems like a bit of a stretch. (Then again Jon Rothstein is the same guy who posts this same tweet every single day since like March so clearly he’s not all there). The big reason why I include Vince Cole in my starting lineup is because I think you need to have your best three-point shooter in to start the game. Many speculate Vince Cole to be the one to fill LJ Figueroa’s scoring role from a year ago, which makes me think he will be a day one starter.

Like come on Jon is this really necessary everyday?

To be quite honest the starting lineup for St. John’s this year might be the most irrelevant thing to talk about as they will be going around 10 deep every game. I’d expect to see several different combinations of starting lineups and different rotations throughout this season.

Big East Sixth Man of the Year?

Get your bets in now, Marcellus Earlington Big East Sixth-Man of the Year. You heard it here first from SJU Barstool. The 6-foot-6 forward saw his minutes increase to 18.2 MPG last season from 3.9 MPG as a freshmen. In 2019-2020 he scored 9.0 PPG and contributed 4.7 REB. To be quite honest these numbers could be so much higher if he played the way he played in the second half of the season for the entire year. These numbers will increase yet again, this year he will average double digit points and likely around 6-7 boards. Marcellus is someone who could see their name in the starting lineup…but if not I would give him the best odds at winning the Big East Sixth man of the year award.

Gamble to Pay Your Tuition

The best way to double your money is to put yourself in a position to double your money. And whats the best way to do that? Gambling. Now, here we are looking at a bit more than just doubling your money. Bet on St. John’s Mens Basketball to win the natty and you will have your tuition completely paid off for the year, courtesy of Barstool Sportsbook

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Rafael Pinzón Commits to St. John’s and Josh Roberts is Yolked Now

With 57 days until the start of the college basketball season (hopefully) it is only right to start talking some hoops. 

In recent history we haven’t been given a lot of good news about St. John’s basketball…until yesterday.  Yesterday, LUHI Star Rafael Pinzón committed to St. John’s over Florida and New Mexico. The Puerto Rico native also held offers from Dayton and Georgia Tech. Standing in at 6-foot-6 he is described as someone who can play on and off the ball, shoots well from deep, and defends hard.  A true combo guard. He joins high school teammate Drissa Traore, who committed to St. John’s in August. This is similar to what Mike Anderson did this past year by bringing in Posh Alexander and Dylan Wusu who played together in high school.  

Fanta Approves!
Centrobasket 2019 Highlights

Adding another versatile wing gives us a tremendous amount of depth at guard. If you didn’t check out his highlights please click above. There is just so much to be excited about with this kid’s game. If Anderson can land a big man for the 2021 class, we will be in great shape. 

In other news, JOSH ROBERTS IS YOLKED. I said last season that Josh Roberts got disrespected in terms of his playing time. If he doesn’t play now, he might take Iron Mike to the boxing ring. 

Don’t sleep on Josh Roberts this year, if he gets the minutes that he deserves he is going to be a bully down low. Only giving Roberts 19 minutes a game last year was a crime to him as a player and for the fans who wanted to see wins. It seemed as if Roberts would start each half and then Anderson would forget about him completely and never put him back in the game. He averaged 1.5 blocks per game in just 19 MPG.  I can only imagine if he got 25-30 minutes of playing time that he’d be up over two blocks a game, which would put him close to the top of the Big East.

As we continue to approach CBB season, more and more St. John’s basketball blogs will be posted. Go Johnnies!

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Back to School Recap

Go back to school during a pandemic they said, it’ll be fun they said. Don’t get me wrong, chilling with the guys and gals in a small setting has been a great time, but your boy is itching for a big party.

Here’s the big issue. I’m missing the ‘Friday Feeling’. Gone are the days of finishing your 3:25 class on a crisp Friday afternoon and getting excited to go pregame with the fellas and ladies for a big night out. That is what I am missing right now.

Are frat parties hit or miss? Yes. But would I be ready to drop 10 bucks, slug natty lights, sweat my ass off, and attempt to run the pong table? Absolutely. Freshmen who haven’t even been to a party yet I’m actually sorry, it gets better.

Aside from the Friday feeling, many St. John’s students also are missing the TUESDAY feeling. Parson’s being closed is ROUGH. While Frat parties can be hit or miss, Tuesday’s at Parson’s was something you could count on. There is nothing better than strolling over to Parson’s on a Tuesday night and absolutely throwing down dollar brews in those plastic cups, while the whole bar raps along to Dreams and Nightmares. American runs on Dunkin, St. John’s runs on Parsons. Fingers crossed for a reopening date to be announced.

Now, it’s got to be said. St. John’s is doing a phenomenal job with handling the coronavirus and I think we are past getting sent home (I hope).

Let me just say by sacrificing big parties, I sure as hell hope we at get a basketball season. Can’t wait to see Caraher ball like Mike this winter!

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Website Launch!


The Barstool St. John’s website is now live! After years dominating the social media world via our Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, it was time for us to get our own website as we continue to expand our brand.

What will this site be like?

The website provides you a single spot for all of our content. Our new website is an extension of our social media accounts. The website will contain all the videos and content you see posted on the Instagram and Tik Tok. You can find all of our latest tweets as well on the bottom of the homepage.

Of course, the biggest thing this site brings us is blogging. Something we have never done before. Many of the blogs will of course be centered around sports, however we will also write about shit happening on campus and all that good stuff. Right now the only header about sports is for men’s basketball blogs, this will without a doubt always be loaded with content.

Our site also features a St. John’s Chicks section. SJU Chicks is still in the process of getting up and running, once it is, all that content can be found there.

Bookmark our site and stay up to date on all of our latest content.

Go Johnnies!