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Johnnies Win Again… Are We On The Bubble?

So… are we like on the bubble now?

Following the 75-73 win at Marquette on Sunday, St. John’s has now pulled off four straight wins, and jumping teams in the Big East standings at an alarming pace. This sparked up some Twitter chatter about possible tournament hopes.

Now I don’t wanna sound like that guy who gets unnecessarily hyped after a win, because believe me, you know damn well that St. John’s could beat a high school varsity team and fans on Twitter would be like: “Huge win! This is the turning point! What do you think we need to do now to make the tournament?”

That said, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say it:

I do think we’re going to make the tournament.

But before we get into that, I wanna dive into the actual Marquette game because it was a fun one.

Pre-game Headlines

St. John’s travelled to Milwaukee on Sunday to take on Marquette after their originally scheduled game vs UConn was postponed. (Seriously UConn, you guys gotta do better. That’s like your 15th Covid pause)

This game was huge for the Red Storm, who was seeking revenge from the last time the two teams met — which actually happens to be the last time the Johnnies have lost. As for Marquette, well, similar situation but flipped. Their last victory was against SJU, and have since been coming off two straight losses to DePaul and Providence.

Yes you read that right. Marquette lost to DePaul. At home. By seven. Haha couldn’t be us. Bums.

And with Georgetown holding serve at home against Providence on Saturday, a win for St. John’s would see them tied with the Friars for 6th place in the conference.

Game Recap

The Johnnies came out of the gates firing. The shots were falling. All was well.

Vince Cole, who started in place for the injured Greg Williams, was banging threes from deep and finished with ten points. His game has translated from JUCO to the Big East very nicely, similar to the likes of LJ Figueroa. The Red Storm started the game 6-9 from behind the arc, and at one point even pulled off a 28-8 run.

Marquette couldn’t get shit going. All momentum was leaning the right way. To close the half, Julian Champagnie drilled a three and just seconds later Posh Alexander got a steal and the and-one. Just like that, St. John’s had taken a 15-point lead into the locker room.

…And in classic fashion, St. John’s came out the second half flat and blew the lead in like 5 minutes. And that’s not an exaggeration. It took literally 5 minutes and 13 seconds to piss the lead away. You couldn’t write a more predictable script.

The rest of the game was pretty much St. John’s going on like a 6-0 run, Marquette cutting it to like two, and SJU trying to pull away again. Kudos to team for never allowing the Golden Eagles to grab the lead.

Rasheem Dunn played really well offensively to combat the constant runs by MU and while at first I was skeptical with the coaching decision to go combo and have Dunn and Posh start at the same time, the two play styles prove to compliment each other nicely.

As for Posh, he will probably go down as one of my favorite St. John’s players ever when all is said and done. You can’t not love his game. He had a clutch steal with around a minute and a half in which he stripped DJ Carton and finished at the rack.

The play of the game though came with around 45 seconds left: Dylan Addae-Wusu drove hard in the paint and finished with an acrobatic bucket. (Still shocked how that wasn’t also a foul, but whatever.)


A series of confusing and stressful events ensued, but to make a long story short, St. John’s managed to hang on for the 2-point victory by the grit of their teeth and everybody lived happily ever after.

Tournament Hopes?

Now, to the juicy stuff. You may be asking, “Barstool, what does this mean for St. John’s NCAA Tournament hopes?”

I have seen a lot on Twitter over the past few hours debating this topic. The timeline took a few hours to cool down. But honestly right now, I just want to enjoy the ride.

Backtrack for a minute: on January 9th, St. John’s lost to Creighton by 18 points and dropped to 1-5 in the Big East. We were tied with Georgetown for last place. The fact we’ve made it this far and are now ONE game out of a first-round bye in the conference tournament, is an incredible feat. I’m just happy we can play meaningful basketball in February.

Now, let’s speculate: At 11-7 overall and 5-6 in the conference, the Johnnies have a very interesting resume. We have road wins against #23 UConn and a Marquette squad who has beaten #4 Wisconsin and #9 Creighton. Our worst two losses are against BYU, who is projected to get an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament, and then on the road against Georgetown in OT.

For SJU, if you can improve your resume with some better wins, and your worst loss all year remains an overtime defeat on the road against Georgetown, I don’t see how the selection committee can keep you out.

A source close to us also spoke with John Fanta, who believes the Johnnies can still afford getting swept by Nova, if they can make up for that by going 6-3 or 5-4 down the stretch.

We are NOT in the tournament yet by any means. Still a ways off. And frankly, I think we are just grazing the surface of being on the bubble. There is A LOT of work that still needs to be done. But what I can say is that I am confident about the schedule. If we take advantage of what is in front of us and play it one game at a time, we will get in.

The reason I am so keen about racking up these wins is because of the uncertainty of the status of the Big East Tournament. Will it get played? Will it not? If there’s no Big East Tournament, thats one less path St. John’s will be able to take advantage of. Nonetheless, the Johnnies have a favorable 9 remaining regular season games:

  • vs. Villanova
  • @ Providence
  • @ Butler
  • vs. Xavier
  • vs. DePaul (rescheduled game)
  • @ Villanova
  • Providence
  • Seton Hall
  • vs. UConn (rescheduled game)

I say take care of business and the basketball gods will be in our favor. You don’t want to see us get hot. I’m feeling good. Way better than I probably should, but then again who would have thought that we’d miraculously pump life back into our once dead season.

Come back to me in a week or two when I’ll either want to delete this blog or I’ll want to collect my thanks from all of you for seeing the future.

For now, St. John’s is back.

$SJU to the moon. 🚀

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The Josh Roberts Revenge Tour Has Officially Kicked Off

Hear that? That’s the sound of a gazillion St. John’s fans who have just heard their calls answered. The Johnnies won, and Josh Roberts finally got his time to shine.

Tuesday was a day of headlines prior to St. John’s twelve point win over Butler at Carnesecca Arena. For a Red Storm team that was 1-5 in the Big East, going up against a sub .500 Butler team was a must win. If the pressure wasn’t immense already, the headlines kept coming as the day went on.

The Isaih Moore Fiasco

6:14 PM. EST, (approx. 46 minutes until tip-off),

The Braziller bomb drops: Isaih Moore would be inactive after a minor team rules violation.

According to sources close to the situation, we were told he hasn’t even been practicing. We just don’t know how deep this situation goes.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach out to Moore for comment.

Enter Sir Josh

6:40 PM. EST, (approx. 20 minutes until tip-off),

Starting lineups drop:

This was a pleasant surprise for all. I was expecting that Moore’s absence would mean Arnaldo Toro would be sliding into the starting lineup, however, it seems Coach Anderson knew a shakeup was needed and rightfully so — as the Red Storm had not even won a game in 2021.

All of Queens was hyped after hearing this news, especially since a mere six days ago, Iron Mike implied he had no intention of integrating Roberts into the rotation.

People forget Josh was a starter last season before his season-ending shoulder injury, leaving all of us scratching our heads as to why he suddenly fell off the radar for the Red Storm during the first three months of this season. There were even some deep-cut conspiracies (jokingly) circulating around SJUBB Twitter as to what could have happened.

Game Recap

In the Johnnies’ double digit win over the Bulldogs, Roberts finished with 8 points and 3 boards, but his solid contributions defensively were something that doesn’t show on the scorecard.

We had a field day gassing him up on our socials. Honestly, it was one of the most fun games that we’ve covered all season. Some great moments.

Killmer was definitely in a jolly mood after this one.

St. John’s never trailed, there were some great highlights, and we felt confident that we were the actually better team for the WHOLE 40 minutes. I went to bed happy.

So, What’s Next?

We know it’s just one game, but the team clicked on all cylinders and you can tell the players were glad to share the hardwood with Josh once again.

Champagnie also said that the boys were “tired of losing.” Call me crazy, but I think this be the start of something good. Chemistry and unity is at an all-time high. The players are fed up, and are ready to put a winning streak together. Don’t let this team get hot.

SJU has another very winnable game on Saturday against a Marquette squad who has had their highs and lows. Plus, a win would have St. John’s jump ahead of Marquette in the Big East standings. With uncertainty as to how long Moore will be inactive for, Coach has already made it clear he will be sticking with Josh for the time being.

Ladies and gents, the Josh Roberts Revenge Tour has officially begun.

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Anyone Else Think It’s Not Too Early For a Must Win?

The Red Storm got the doors blown off them by the no. 9 team in the nation on Thursday night at home. Peak example of classic Johnnies: go down by a lot, tease us by making it close and get our hopes up, then wind up still losing.

Game recap

St. John’s was down bad early in the first half, with the largest Creighton lead being 16. Yet somehow, St. John’s managed to break it within two in the mid-second half.

SJU continued to play great defense for a couple more minutes. Then, the turning point in the game occured when Marcellus Earlington travelled and the tone of the game suddenly changed. It felt like someone just took a needle and popped our balloon.

Following the turnover, the Bluejays managed to pull of a 28-8 run in like 9 minutes and went on to finish the game with an 18 point dub. Definitely not an ideal turn of events.

When the game ended, there was a golden question on all of our minds: What the fuck is good with Josh Roberts?? Why doesn’t get any playing time?? Our guess is as good as yours. We don’t get it either.

I will say though, there was one silver lining during the loss: Arnaldo Toro looked good in his 8 minutes of play. We were waiting for this. Hopefully he can keep this up and continue to provide decent shifts off the bench — which leads me to my highlight of the game.

Highlight of the game

The most excited I got during the 40 minutes was watching Toro showing a little razzle-dazzle with the post moves.

So, what’s in store for tonight?

  • a) We NEED a conference win

It’s time to get serious now. We have started 0-3 in the Big East for the second year in a row, and third time in four seasons. While it’s still early, this is as close to a must win as you could have for this point in the year. An 0-4 Big East record would be detrimental to St. John’s tournament hopes in what is already a shortened season.

Being that the Villanova game on Dec. 30 was postponed, SJU won’t be playing until after New Years — against DePaul. A loss would hurt badly because we will have to wait two weeks to play again. Two weeks at a chance of redemption just to get our first conference win. However, a win could set the Johnnies back on the right track and give us a little momentum going. We would presumably be only one game below .500 in Big East play following that DePaul win lol.

  • b) Getting revenge on the Hoyas

Need I say more? After that choke job a week ago in DC, the Red Storm should come out motivated, angry, and ready to wipe the floors at Carnesecca. I predict they will do just that, and send Georgetown back to the nation’s capital realizing their win over us was a fluke.

Betting predictions

The Killmer Crystal Ball has spoken. He doesn’t trust the -4.5 spread, but he is VERY confident in SJU moneyline. Take it to the bank. I already told you my prediction for the night, so bet comfortably.

We shall see how the night turns out. Hopefully I get a St. John’s victory, AND a Giants win on Sunday Night Football. Huge for their playoff hopes. Happy Sunday y’all.

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A (Belated) Birthday Tribute to Coach Mike Anderson

The whole team at here at Barstool St. John’s has been vocal about our love for Coach Mike Anderson ever since the hire back in the summer of 2019. When writing our “Days Until The Storm” series previewing each player for the upcoming season, we thought: “When’s the perfect time to do a feature on Coach Iron Mike?”

We wanted to show him love too, so we decided it was best if we waited until his birthday to do so — December 12. (Yeah, we know by the time this article goes live it’ll be December 13th so just work with me here.)

Happy 61st, Coach!

In his short time with the team, Mike Anderson has become a fan favorite within the SJU community. Not only is he a great coach, but he is an all-around great guy too. SJU Barstool has broken down the top-5 things we love about Iron Mike, as voted on by our followers.

1. He has never had a losing season

Had to start with the obvious and get this out of the way. Yeah, we know that you probably know this stat already. But we’ll run with it ’til the day we die. It’s still pretty awesome to say our coach is just one of FOUR coaches in the ENTIRE nation to have never had a losing season. We expect that to translate into some NCAA Tournament wins in the very near future.

Now, to the fun stuff:

2. Quality Menswear

He brings out the most fire suits, game in and game out.

The photoshoot above was so fresh that you could literally pull that onto a cover of ‘GQ Man of the Year’ and it would look legit.

We actually did that for you guys. Look.

3. He throws out first pitches at Mets games

Not only is he a brilliant basketball mind, Anderson also has skill on the diamond.

In the days following his hire, the New York Mets helped Iron Mike introduce himself to the rest of Queens by throwing out the first pitch at one of their home games.

Oh, and if you were wondering, yes the Mets won that day. Coincidence? Nah.

You can see here that Anderson has all got the makings of a solid 12-6 curve.

4. He puts out dope content on Twitter

Coach has also becoming a surging Twitter presence in the #SJUBB community.

When he tweets kryptic videos such as these, you know a recruiting announcement is imminent:

When he tweets out hype up videos — whether it be an inside look of practice, or a fully fledged pump up video such as this one, you know the Johnnies aren’t playing around:

And when he tweets out encouraging us to wear a mask and social distance, you know he means to WEAR A MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCE!

Our favorite post of his came in March, few days after the season got cancelled. Coach tweeted out the 2019-20 “One Shining Moment” video, recapping our season.

Lastly, one thing that we also notice is the appreciation on his Twitter account for the guys in the program who make things possible on a day in a day out basis: the managers. Not many coaches recognize the work their managers put in, and Anderson doesn’t shy away for showing them love. It really showcases his great character. Kudos to that.

5. His “40 Minutes of Hell” coaching style”

The Johnnies love to run. We’re conditioned to do so, and it starts in practice. Analysts even say this play style wreaks havoc upon anyone who is playing us.

In a nutshell, we’ll press the shit out of you until you’re tired out.

It’s not just first 5 minutes. It’s not just one half. It’s not just the last 10 minutes. It’s the whole game.

These aren’t crumbs, this is the whole fucking pie.

Jonah Hill in War Dogs (2016)

Clearly, it is no coincidence that we were 2nd in the country in steals last season, according to ESPN.

All in All

One thing is for certain: He is building a culture here. Everyone from the fans to the players are on board. We can feel it. The players seem buy into what he’s feeding them, and the fans appreciate his desire to win. Just look at the improvement in the team from the beginning of last season towards right up until when Covid hit and shut everything down. Now we have a full season of HIS recruits.

Even though we may have a couple of early loses this year, I am not panicking. Once the player’s get used to each other and more games are under their belt, we’ll be alright. His coaching style works, just look at his records if you need proof. You can be assured fans such as us are behind him every step of the way — both on and off the court.


So Happy Birthday Coach, and to many more!

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SJU now opens Big East play against Seton Hall after UConn shuts down due to COVID

Emergency article here for ya. The Johnnies WILL have their Big East opener on Friday after all. However, its against The Hall, not UConn.

St. John’s – Seton Hall. Friday. 4:30 PM. Prudential Center. LFG. Some brilliant scheduling by the execs in charge for starting this game just in time for happy hour.

The original plan

St. John’s was originally looking forward to traveling down to Storrs and spoiling UConn’s return to the Big East, as the opener for both teams was scheduled for Friday at 7pm at the Gampel Pavilion.

Then, news broke Sunday that UConn’s basketball program was on pause for a second time this season due to a positive COVID test. The Johnnies’ hopes of having their Big East opener occur Friday night were immediately shot down.

All hope was lost for fans and students who were looking to kick off their weekends with some SJU hoops.

The DePaul situation

Similarly, Seton Hall was scheduled to host DePaul in Newark for their conference opener at the same time that St. John’s would be playing Connecticut. And just like SJU’s situation, Seton Hall’s opponent had a positive COVID test surface within its program, forcing that game to postpone as well.

Thus, DePaul and UConn’s positive COVID tests had derailed plans for both St. John’s and Seton Hall, respectively.

Manifesting the Braziller idea into existence

Once the UConn news broke on Sunday, our friend Zach Braziller of the New York Post had a brilliant idea: Why don’t St. John’s and Seton Hall just play each other?

Both the Pirates and the Red Storm had been prepared to play a game on Friday. Hall was planning on hosting an opponent, and SJU was getting ready to hit the road for an away game.

It made sense for both parties. The schools are literally 45 minutes away from each other, give or take traffic. I mean who says no?

Then it happened.

Mike Cragg for the Win

When I woke up this morning and saw the news of the reschedule, I was thrilled.

St. John’s Athletic Director Mike Cragg, and Seton Hall Athletic Director Bryan Felt definitely deserve applause here. Being able to make this happen on the fly in assurance that both programs would open up on Friday, was clutch af.

Great leadership all around.

Will history repeat itself?

Hopefully not. Last time the two schools opened Big East play against each other was two years ago, also at the Rock. You remember the rest: The infamous #SetonHallScrewJob.

The bullshit that followed suit after this was beyond what words could express. Even El Pres knew that the refs royally fucked us that night:

But I digress.

Game & Gambling Outlook

Killmer, our gambling guy, will update you on our Twitter account his gambling picks before the game. And be sure to stay tuned for Big Dyl’s post game recap article on Friday night. Should be a lot to talk about.

In the meantime, buckle up and get HYPED for Friday.

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4 Days Until The Storm: Greg Williams Jr. Player Profile

Be honest. If there’s an SJU player that you are most excited to see take the hardwood again this season, Greg Williams Jr. has got to be up there.

I mean how can you not love the guy? A hard worker on the floor, leader in the locker room, and friend of our account, G the Menace is a St. John’s fan favorite. Not to mention he may have the coolest dad in the world. (shoutout to Greg Sr!)

Big things are in store this season to say the least. That is why we have been looking forward to writing this preview ever since we announced that we were doing this series.

Last Season Recap

Before I talk about Greg’s sophomore season, I want to jump back to his first season in New York. Commiting to St. John’s under Chris Mullin, the 4-star recruit was doing shit like this under the bright lights at MSG. As a FRESHMAN.

But I digress. Onto last season’s recap. There’s a lot to talk about.

His sophomore year was nothing short of impressive. I think he exceeded expectations for most Red Storm fans, but not ours. We were putting in that summer work with him during the offseason, so we knew he was ready to ball out.

The Louisiana native finished his 2019-20 campaign averaging 5.7 points, 2.9 boards and 1.9 assists per game, shooting nearly 35% from 3-point range. Don’t let those numbers fool you though — he did things that don’t necessarily show up on the scorecard. It’s just a different type on energy when Greg is on the floor and Coach Anderson knows that too.

During non-conference play last November, Williams made SportsCenter Top-10 by putting a Brown University big man on a poster.

Then came the game against Seton Hall at home. We don’t wanna talk about that result since we were up big at the half — but this emphatic block was another to add to the highlight reel.

Red Storm fans will recall his breakout game on March 1st, as the 6’3″ guard dropped 21 points off SEVEN 3’s. By the way, it’s worth noting that this was done in a 20-point upset against the #10 team in the nation, Creighton.

His solid play that game followed by his impressive outing during the season finale against Marquette cemented him to the final two ‘BIG EAST Weekly Honor Rolls’ of the season.

Speaking of that Marquette game, G had another insane dunk at the Garden. We called it “Air Menace”.

Marquette’s Symir Torrence could do nothing else but watch. Next time, bud.

What To Expect in 2020

There are high expectations in Queens for Williams’ junior year, as he has most definitely established himself as an important piece for the team.

But additionally, expect him to play. ALOT. He has worked his ass off ever since he arrived on campus back in the summer of 2018. We project he will be in the starting lineup and earn big minutes.

“This is a huge year for Greg, and I think he’s ready to step into a bigger scoring role. The skill has always been there but it’s the assertiveness that I think will change this year with his confidence growing.” said Stephen Strom from SiriusXM and “I just love to watch him compete on the floor. Defensively he’s one of the brightest players in the Big East, and offensively, I think he’s got an quick enough release and athleticism to score in the double digits.”

This upcoming St. John’s season will be an interesting one to keep an eye on. From the expanded Big East (sup, UConn), to a possible “Bubbleville” at Mohegan Sun, we can’t wait to see G the Menace take the court again as a vital piece for the Johnnies.

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What if… ‘Red Storm Tip-Off 2020’ happened

Now, before you all jump at me in the replies, hear me out… obviously due to the current situation, I know this couldn’t happen. We passed the one year anniversary of the 2019 ‘Red Storm Tip-Off’ back in October, and the season creeping up upon us (praying for no delays) has got me thinking about the hypotheticals.

Picture in this COVID-free world, where there are no capacity restrictions, no uncertainty about the college basketball season, thus no uncertainty about a pep-rally to help us get hyped for St. John’s Basketball. Who would you have liked to see?

J. Cole and Chris Mullin, Red Storm Tip-Off 2016

For reference, the last five Tip-Off’s have looked like this:

  • 2015: Mac Miller
  • 2016: Desiigner (with a guest appearance by J. Cole)
  • 2017: Dave East
  • 2018 Sheck Wes
  • 2019: Juice WRLD

I think it goes without saying it would have been tough to top last year’s Juice WRLD concert. Performing not even two months before his untimely passing, it was one of his last shows. Fans of his, including myself, will never forget that energy.

Juice WRLD performing “Armed and Dangerous”, Red Storm Tip-Off 2019

On a lighter note, hopefully whoever would be the hypothetical performer wouldn’t make everyone storm the court again and break out into mass chaos (looking at you Desiigner).

For that matter, I just wanna see Carnesecca get as hype as Sheck Wes had it when performing ‘Mo Bamba’. If you haven’t seen this video, it’s linked below. Chills.

I mean just look at him, you can tell he had an absolute blast.

The excitement and anticipation of knowing Tip-Off is a few weeks away and not knowing who the artist would be was always a great feeling. This year, it would be hard to say who I’d even want. Just give me a good show, long ass Snapchat stories, new meme material and some dope player introductions. It is always fun to see what the St. John’s players have up their sleeves when it comes to those intros. Never gets old.

Our favorite introduction and walk-out moment of the last few seasons occurred last year, when Damien Sears came out with the roses. Iconic.

A close second to this is obviously King LoVett back in ’17. He had the crown (no pun intended) of my top pick until Sears came along in 2019.

Just look, such detail and craftsmanship in that costume. Gotta respect it. What a guy.

Needless to say, we wish this year allowed us to experience more moments like these. We needed it, desperately. We wanted to see Coach Anderson walk out with our BIG EAST championship trophy and see a ceremony prior to the concert in which Mike Cragg raised a banner that reads “2019-20 BIG EAST Tournament Champions” into the rafters.

I am certain that had a pep-rally happened, we would have had some great content to give you guys and some funny moments to cherish. Hopefully ‘Red Storm Tip-Off 2021’ creates more timeless memories.

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10 Days Until The Storm: Marcellus Earlington Player Profile

We’re ten days until the the season. I repeat, TEN days until the season. It is only fitting we continue this series with no. 10 for the Red Storm, Marcellus Earlington. A fan favorite by the student-section and an loyal supporter of our account, we can’t wait for our guy to hit the hardwood in a week and a half.

2019 Season in Review

Marcellus impressed during his sophomore season, to say the least. Playing in all 32 games of the year, Earlington shot nearly 50% from the field. Earlington had become a solid player off the bench by averaging 9 points and 5 rebounds per game.

His best game last year came on the road against Creighton, where he dropped 25 and recorded 10 boards. Notably, his performance in the BIG EAST Tournament Quarter-final was superb. St. John’s fans will recall that night well; it was last night before Covid, and the night in which Georgetown channeled their inner Atlanta Falcons. Cellus sparked a 23-0 run for the Johnnies to close out and win the game, including scoring ten consecutive points to finish with 17. His dagger three in the waning minutes of the contest sent the Garden into a frenzy. We pray somehow, someway, we can experience that live crowd noise again at MSG. That shit was awesome.

What To Expect This Season

I think it’s safe to say that Earlington will be crucial to the Johnnies success this season. The junior will be a leader on and off the court and will see significant minutes. I’d expect to see Earlington start, but St. John’s has the advantage of shuffling the starting lineups game by game. We project that Coach Anderson will platoon him both in the starting lineup and off the bench depending on the matchups. SJU has the luxury to be able to chose to roll with him small-ball lineup and a big lineup wherever they see fit, as Earlington’s play style is flexible for both systems.

A solid body who can play down low and still shoot the three, defenders better get their shit together and be on their A-game. If they don’t, Marcellus will feast. He’s the perfect glue guy for a team who wants to win in the number two basketball conference in the country.

I feel like we can beat anybody in the country.

Marcellus Earlington, March 2020

Cellus is strong enough to out muscle you down low, athletic enough to keep defenders sharp on their toes, and has enough range to hit the shot if you give him too much space. His football background gives him an advantage in this sense. In a nutshell, he’s a matchup nightmare for bigs.

Earlington is going to be instrumental in facilitating some offense after the departure of LJ Figueroa to Oregon. His productivity and numbers will definitely go up due to this. To say he’s in for a big season would be straight facts.

We look forward to seeing what Earlington will bring to the table this year for SJU. Be sure to keep your eye on him.

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11 Days Until The Storm: John McGriff Player Profile

With eleven days until the St. John’s season tips-off, we are continuing our ‘Days Until The Storm’ player preview series with no. 11, John McGriff.

The 6-foot point guard has been apart of the squad since last season, but he’ll get his first chance at some on-court action in a St. John’s uniform this season, as a shoulder injury forced him to redshirt his freshman year.

I’m telling you now though, DO NOT sleep on John McGriff.

“Johnathan McGriff, the Crossover King”

Slam Magazine

Yeah, I’m deadass, Slam Mag actually dubbed that nickname for McGriff when a video of him crossing up an IMG Academy guard during his junior season in high school went viral.

He had these defenders on skates so bad that even heads in the comments were calling it staged.

Life Before The Storm

Don’t let the fact that the Johnnies already have a strong backcourt allow to you to sleep on McGriff. A 3-star recruit out of high school, had him listed as the no. 33 point guard in the nation and the no. 2 recruit in the state of Maryland.

The DMV native graduated Bishop McNamara High School with the school’s all-time assists record. Additionally, McGriff averaged 12 points and 5 assists per game.

Prior to taking McNamara to the quarterfinals of the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference championship, McGriff played his junior year at national powerhouse Huntington Prep (WV) where he averaged 7 and 6. Check out his official Huntington Prep mixtape from Slam below:

The Crossover King also played his AAU ball for Team Thrill and Team Melo.

What to Expect This Season

There’s no doubt that the Redshirt Freshman can ball. However, there’s no telling how much playing time he’ll receive right out of the gate due to the fact the Johnnies are strong at the one position and we haven’t gotten a look at him suit up for the Red Storm yet. The lefty will likely start the season just providing depth at point behind Rah and Posh.

That said, if his high school and AAU mixtapes are any indication, Big East guards better watch their ankles once he hits the floor. We do project that Mike Anderson believes his shifty play-style can provide value off the bench, and boy we can’t wait to see him hit the floor.

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Recap of our 3rd Annual ‘Halloween Costume Contest’

It’s Halloween, Bitches.

– Somebody, somewhere

Welp, its officially November. Yes that’s right, two months until 2020 is over. That said, shoutout to whoever decided to put October 31st on a Saturday. Although Halloweekend this year was different, it was much needed.

The one thing that always brings the St. John’s community together is our annual ‘SJU Barstool Halloween Costume Contest’ and our submissions were nothing short of impressive.

We received hundreds of DM submissions throughout the weekend and compiled our list of the ten best costumes. It’s hard to top last year’s winners, but these were still fucking awesome.

Barstool St. John’s hereby presents to you the 3rd annual ‘SJU Barstool Halloween Costume Contest’ winners:

Ronnie and Vinnie from Jersey Shore
Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny
The Milk Man
Sandy from Grease

We’ve posted our top four on Twitter (since Twitter only allows 4 pictures per tweet), but the Insta post has them all. ⬇️

Do these costumes top last year’s? Or 2018’s? You be the judge.

2019 Winners:

2018 Winners:

Personally, if you were to ask me to give you my Mt. Rushmore of costumes that we’ve received from our three years hosting this contest, I’d probably have to go:

  1. Two Jokers (2019)
  2. Fro-Zone (2018)
  3. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (2018)
  4. Ronnie and Vinnie (2020)

But what do you guys think? Sound off in the comments, and stay tuned for our 4th annual contest in 2021!