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We’re Close… Again.

Well the season certainly hasn’t gotten off to the start that we all wanted, that much I think we can all agree on.

The Indiana game was a tough one, if Mathis doesn’t get that flagrant AND get kicked, I think we come out of Bloomington with a win. Asking for a huge upset win against Kansas is just too much to ask for as a fan, I mean it’s Kansas basketball coming off an upset loss… no one in their right mind wants to face that.

Honestly we had played just about how we were expected to until the Pitt game. And yes, you can put the blame on COVID and Julian as it literally happened right before the game and gave us no time to prepare… but a team that wants to go far needs to be able to beat a HORRIBLE team like Pitt. Someone else NEEDS to step up when Julian is absent or is being clamped like we saw this Saturday in Providence.

We need a reliable second scorer from outside. Posh and Dylan have done their best so far, Dylan putting up career highs in points his last two games and Posh has been holding it down as always. Aaron Wheeler came out of his shell a bit in Providence this weekend hitting 3 corner 3’s. But there’s more capable guys who need to show up. Stef Smith, known for his 3 point shooting ability has got to take more shots and make the defense expand in a game like Saturday’s when Providence is all over Julian the entire game. Credit to the Friars they’re much more talented than anyone thought coming into the season but that was not our best effort by any means. Missing Pinzon also hurt us this weekend, we haven’t seen much of him but he’s looked promising with good defense and a smooth shot.

There was so much promise coming into the season that we had finally added the size that we needed. We stole the big man from Fordham and added four near seven footers, not including Drissa Traore who chose to redshirt. Joel Soriano has not looked like what we were promised from Fordham to say the least. He has got to come into his own, finishing easy putbacks and boxing out on defense. He had a tough game in Providence with some shit calls from the refs giving him four falls 30 seconds into the second half. Either way though we need to see him put the rocky start behind him and be the backbone of our team down low and be the workhorse we saw him as at Fordham. Omar Stanley played very well from what I saw in the PC game early in the second half when Joel came out and did a good job holding off Nate Watson down low, I thought he should have gotten more minutes based on the way the rest of the team was defending him. Nyiwe also only saw 3 minutes in that game which is another problem I saw. With Wheeler and Soriano getting into foul trouble you would think it would make sense to rotate our bigs instead of having them play with foul trouble for most of the second half.

The things I saw Saturday and basically go for the whole season are:

  • Our big men need to start acting like they’re the 6’10 monsters they really are and not rely on Julian, Posh and Dylan’s help. If we can get them out in transition early and running that’s when and how our team is going to thrive.
  • We need someone other than Julian to hit threes. It was obvious Saturday the only player they were worried about guarding from three was Julian and if we can’t space the floor even a little more for him it’s going to be a long season
  • My third improvement is one we’ve been going over incessantly for the last few years fo the Johnnies… hit your free throws. Way too many points being left at the line again. 8/17 is a terrible clip and when the final score is 83-73… well you do the math. It’s a lot different game.
  • My final critique is one that I think really summarizes the teams struggles thus far into the season. Our last two games we are 39-81 within 5 feet… unacceptable. We’re missing the gimmes! It’s honestly a promising stat to me because that’s something hard to do. A fluke I hope.

This team is far from done. These are simple fixes that really just come with time and to panic like I may or may not have just did is silly. We’ve beaten the teams we should have and have lost to very talented teams. Two games into the Big East and we took a tough loss to the best defensive team in the league in our star player’s worst game in a long time. We can do this and what better time to turn things around than giving the Huskies another rude welcome back to the Big East.

Now it’s time for our boys to go up to farm country and trample those stupid fucking mutts.

Go Johnnies.

Barstool St. John's

Knicks-Hawks Game 2 Preview

Julius Randle and the Knicks try to hold off Walmart Steph Curry and the Hawks in what is anticipated to be a chippy and impassioned matchup in the Garden tonight.

The Knicks fell short in game 1 as Trae Young sunk a floater with 0.9 seconds left on the clock to put the Hawks up 107-105. Young proceeded to go after the vocal MSG crowd after that shushing them with his finger to his lips saying “IT GOT REAL QUIET IN HERE” nice Trae. Real nice. You are the human embodiment of a lollipop dropped on the carpet. Real bold move of him to try and silence the MSG faithful after only game 1. I really expect things to get gruesome tonight. New York fans haven’t been allowed into arenas for months and you just know they’re chomping at the bit to verbally abuse someone, and that’s just on a normal night! Now coming into Game 2 down a game after being chirped by this prick and having him question their impact I expect nothing less for Knicks fans to come out in full on attack mode. We all heard it on the TV Sunday afternoon, MSG was ROCKING. The people were amped there’s no question about it and that was before Young decided to open his trap.

This game is going to be must watch. The build up and back and forth is proof that the sports world and New York sports are going back to normal.

Officials are saying The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has for the first time in his term decided to start a project on time! The Mental Warfare and public mockery of Trae Young! Today he put out a statement “This is very serious, want to get this message to Trae Young on behalf of the people for New York City and anybody that cares about playing basketball the right way: Stop hunting for fouls, Trae,” de Blasio said. This might be the best thing he’s done since taking office. Mr. Mayor does have a point here however, Young, as he always does was playing absurdly soft, looking for fouls at the slightest bit of contact just so he could get to the free throw line.

Derrick Rose also wanted to chime in prior to Game 2 tonight saying “That’s basketball. The league got so soft, That’s basketball. He came in, he played a great game. And the crowd is supposed to do that. It’s supposed to be that way. And it’s supposed to amp up and bring the atmosphere to where it is right now. That’s what I’m used to. I’ve been in series where drinks were thrown at a parent, people’s moms. You on the court and you see a beer splashed on your (family) — that’s the environment I’m used to. … Now it’s a little different. That’s all part of the game. When you got both sides fighting and you’ve worked your butt off all year. Summer time when nobody is watching you’re at the gym, working on your game and seeing the results of it. Not only in the regular season but in the playoffs. And you want to talk s–t, talk s–t. But the next game it’s going to be tougher. The environment is going to create a great atmosphere for great basketball.”

If that doesn’t get you ready to run through a wall as a Knicks fan I don’t know what will. Rose just big leagued the fuck out of Trae Young saying if he’s gonna talk shit he better back it up. I’d do terrible things to watch D Rose clampYoung in MSG tonight.

If the Knicks want to get back to their ways they’re gonna have to rely on what got them there. Julius Randle needs to prove himself tonight and show up the same way he did all year unlike game 1. They also have to rely on their shooters like Alec Burks. The key however as we all know is to stop Trae Young. I really expect it to happen. They need to start Derrick Rose he’s a veteran with plenty of playoff experience and if he’s gonna tell Trae Young to back it up he better do it himself too. The fans are going to be ruthless again and show everyone why they’re so feared. This is the underdog, reject, misfit toy Knicks team we’ve all learned to come behind this season and for someone to not even go after the team but their fans, probably the most valuable thing the Knicks franchise has to offer is flat out unacceptable. Tonight we start the demise of Trae Young.

Final predictions: Knicks 114 Hawks 103