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Jalen Rosemond Interview

Allow me to introduce you to Jalen Rosemond, your favorite walk-ons favorite walk-on.

Journey to D1

Jalen Rosemond had no offers coming out of high school. Local division three schools like Suny Oneonta, Suny Cortland, John Jay, and Brockport expressed interest in the 6-foot-8 forward, but Jalen wasn’t interested in playing division three. He said, “I wanted to go somewhere that I started at the bottom of the ladder so I could expose myself to the best competition, most strict coaches, and tough practices that would develop me into the best version of myself”. Clearly, Rosemond is an extremely motivated individual who consistently pushes his limits athletically. He went on to say, “I wanted to play for a D2 or D1 where I had to fight for a tick of playing time everyday at practice”, he recognizes that this type of competition on a daily basis is what will maximize his growth as a basketball player in the long run.

Unfortunately, the St. John’s Men’s Basketball team did not pick him up right away.

In Jalen’s freshmen year he was a practice player for the women’s basketball team, while playing on the men’s club team at the same time. Although this was certainly not the end goal, it proved to play an important role in his basketball journey at St. John’s. Being a practice player for the women’s team helped propel his growth on the court, “I love the game, I love playing and watching and I wanted to develop a better IQ for college basketball. Being on the women’s practice team that entire year in the division 1 environment helped me learn and sharpen some fundamentals”.

In case you didn’t know, Jalen has got bounce out of the gym.

Fast forward to his sophomore year, Jalen shows up to tryouts for the men’s team. Coaches already were familiar with him because of his time spent with the women’s team, and they knew that he wanted to be a part of the men’s team. He took care of business at tryouts and throughout his sophomore year he was used as a practice player for the men’s team. He takes pride in competing with the scholarship players and pushing them everyday.

In his junior season (2020-2021), Coach Anderson promoted Rosemond to a walk-on. All of the hard work paid off. Unfortunately, Jalen suffered an injury in early November of 2020 which forced him to miss his Junior season. He will be fully recovered for his Senior year and says, “I can’t wait to see the fans back in Carnesecca for Tip-Off this year”.

Top Attributes on the Court

What’s the number one thing Jalen brings to a basketball team? He says it’s “that I’m going to compete and make my teammates better”. He values the importance of stepping in for charges, being relentless on the board, and diving on loose balls…in ANY DRILL or scrimmage. Rosemond works his tail off daily and in doing so, makes his teammates work a little bit harder.

Jalen Rosemond in the weightroom.

Inside a St. John’s Practice

I asked Rosemond who the most difficult person to guard was in his last couple of years with the team. He acknowledged that it was a tough question, but ultimately said “either Mustapha or Champagnie”. Which is really a surprise to no one at all, I wouldn’t want to be on the defensive side against either of them in a 1v1.

Favorite Spot to Eat on Campus

Jalen’s favorite food on campus is “hibachi from Monty’s, not the law school, at Montys”. Of course this was closed this past year due to COVID, as was his second favorite food option, the Campus Diner.

What’s Next?

Jalen says that he is super excited to see how far this team can go. He said, “I think we have some great new pieces to the team and seeing them go at it in pickup you get excited about what we can do when the season starts. I think you will see us standing come late March”. Music to St. John’s fans ears. The 2021-2022 season cannot come soon enough.

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Knicks-Hawks Game 2 Preview

Julius Randle and the Knicks try to hold off Walmart Steph Curry and the Hawks in what is anticipated to be a chippy and impassioned matchup in the Garden tonight.

The Knicks fell short in game 1 as Trae Young sunk a floater with 0.9 seconds left on the clock to put the Hawks up 107-105. Young proceeded to go after the vocal MSG crowd after that shushing them with his finger to his lips saying “IT GOT REAL QUIET IN HERE” nice Trae. Real nice. You are the human embodiment of a lollipop dropped on the carpet. Real bold move of him to try and silence the MSG faithful after only game 1. I really expect things to get gruesome tonight. New York fans haven’t been allowed into arenas for months and you just know they’re chomping at the bit to verbally abuse someone, and that’s just on a normal night! Now coming into Game 2 down a game after being chirped by this prick and having him question their impact I expect nothing less for Knicks fans to come out in full on attack mode. We all heard it on the TV Sunday afternoon, MSG was ROCKING. The people were amped there’s no question about it and that was before Young decided to open his trap.

This game is going to be must watch. The build up and back and forth is proof that the sports world and New York sports are going back to normal.

Officials are saying The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has for the first time in his term decided to start a project on time! The Mental Warfare and public mockery of Trae Young! Today he put out a statement “This is very serious, want to get this message to Trae Young on behalf of the people for New York City and anybody that cares about playing basketball the right way: Stop hunting for fouls, Trae,” de Blasio said. This might be the best thing he’s done since taking office. Mr. Mayor does have a point here however, Young, as he always does was playing absurdly soft, looking for fouls at the slightest bit of contact just so he could get to the free throw line.

Derrick Rose also wanted to chime in prior to Game 2 tonight saying “That’s basketball. The league got so soft, That’s basketball. He came in, he played a great game. And the crowd is supposed to do that. It’s supposed to be that way. And it’s supposed to amp up and bring the atmosphere to where it is right now. That’s what I’m used to. I’ve been in series where drinks were thrown at a parent, people’s moms. You on the court and you see a beer splashed on your (family) — that’s the environment I’m used to. … Now it’s a little different. That’s all part of the game. When you got both sides fighting and you’ve worked your butt off all year. Summer time when nobody is watching you’re at the gym, working on your game and seeing the results of it. Not only in the regular season but in the playoffs. And you want to talk s–t, talk s–t. But the next game it’s going to be tougher. The environment is going to create a great atmosphere for great basketball.”

If that doesn’t get you ready to run through a wall as a Knicks fan I don’t know what will. Rose just big leagued the fuck out of Trae Young saying if he’s gonna talk shit he better back it up. I’d do terrible things to watch D Rose clampYoung in MSG tonight.

If the Knicks want to get back to their ways they’re gonna have to rely on what got them there. Julius Randle needs to prove himself tonight and show up the same way he did all year unlike game 1. They also have to rely on their shooters like Alec Burks. The key however as we all know is to stop Trae Young. I really expect it to happen. They need to start Derrick Rose he’s a veteran with plenty of playoff experience and if he’s gonna tell Trae Young to back it up he better do it himself too. The fans are going to be ruthless again and show everyone why they’re so feared. This is the underdog, reject, misfit toy Knicks team we’ve all learned to come behind this season and for someone to not even go after the team but their fans, probably the most valuable thing the Knicks franchise has to offer is flat out unacceptable. Tonight we start the demise of Trae Young.

Final predictions: Knicks 114 Hawks 103

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Drissa Traore Interview

Who is Drissa Traore?

Drissa Traore is a 6-foot-8 forward from LUHI. He has the perfect build, play style, and passion for defense for Mike Anderson’s up tempo style. He is a fierce competitor who is ready to challenge himself at the next level. Traore has played with and against some of the best high school talent in the country, which has prepared him tremendously for Big East basketball. When discussing his high school experience he said that playing against teams like Sierra Canyon, The Patrick School, etc. has “given me confidence to show that I can compete with those high level players.

Full Interview

Home Sweet Home

Believe it or not Drissa originally didn’t want to go to school in New York. However he loves Mike Anderson’s play style. He ultimately chose St. John’s to further his academic and athletic career because of the success he saw Mike Anderson have in his first year at the helm and because the coaching staff made him feel wanted. Traore is excited to be in the Red and White this fall, “For me, watching them (on TV) is so exciting because I’m going to be there next year”.

He personally knows fellow New Yorker’s such as Dylan Addae-Wusu, Posh Alexander, and Julian Champagnie. He says how these guys “Play for New York” and this was intriguing to him. He has actually played with Dylan Addae-Wusu when they were younger. The two will look to reestablish that chemistry for the 2021-2022 season.

What Does he Bring to a Basketball Team?


Traore said that, “What I’m going to bring is energy. Energy, rebounding, defense, talking”. He truly seems like a perfect fit for Mike Anderson’s 40-minutes of hell style of play and I think that Drissa Traore will prove to be a real hidden gem in this recruiting class.

Off the Court

Hobbies: Collecting Shoes

Favorite NBA Player: KD or LeBron (but he says he has many favorites so I asked him for his All time starting 5 instead)

Dream Job: Having his own business or being a teacher/coach.

All Time Starting 5:

PG: Steve Nash

SG: Kobe Bryant

SF: Michael Jordan

PF: LeBron James

C: Hakeem Olajuwon

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Cobblestones and SJU Barstool: The Duo You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Welcome to the blog, Cobblestones. We have a feeling you guys might be seeing more of them here in the future, so get excited. The collab is finally here. The Biergarten is one of the more popular destinations for college students at St. John’s, and tomorrow a new chapter begins with us. This Thursday, and moving forward, St. John’s students can come out to the Biergarten for great deals on food and drinks at an exciting venue.

Tomorrow night from 8-11 it all begins. Oh, and before I forget, come early. The line might be a little long and you definitely do not want to miss out on the new Johnnie Stool shot (I promise it’s good).


$5 Johnnie shots and pretzels, as well as $15 pitchers kick off the event. On top of that, $5 Biergarten light lagers and $10 boots are other fantastic options for you and your friends.

It’s been a long time coming, but we are super excited to share this night and other Thursday’s each month with you guys. Remember to stay Covid-19 safe and wear a mask. We hope to see you tomorrow with shots in your hand, but if you are more of a boot or pitcher person we’re good with that too.

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Andrés Pinzón Interview

St. John’s fans are going to be seeing many new faces on the men’s basketball team next season. Andrés Pinzón is one of the team’s most highly touted recruits for next season. Pinzón is originally from Puerto Rico, but has most recently played his High School Basketball at LUHI. He agreed to join me for an interview via zoom where we discussed his High School/FIBA basketball experiences, why he chose St. John’s, what fans can expect from him, and some of his off the court interests.

Excuse my lack of video editing experience.

High School Career

LUHI is a national basketball powerhouse year in and year out. Of course, most fans tend to focus on the incredible highlights from LUHI games against schools like Sierra Canyon and the Patrick School. However, aside from the games, Pinzón explained how “every day in practice was a lot of competition”. He says that the competition he saw in practice against guys like Andre Curbelo, Zed Key, and Jalen Celestine prepared him well to succeed at the next level. He still keeps in touch with those guys, specifically Andre Curbelo (Illinois University Point Guard) as they both have connections with the Puerto Rico National team.

Playing on the Puerto Rico national team and his experiences in FIBA is certainly things that make Pinzón unique in comparison to other St. John’s recruits. He absolutely stuffed the stat sheet throughout the U17 FIBA tournament in 2019; his best outing was against the Dominican Republic when he scored 28 points. He spoke about his FIBA experience, saying that “the game is slower so you have to read a lot of defenses so it helped me when I play in the United States because the game is way faster”. This sort of experience with reading defense is so valuable to a young college player, especially in the Big East.

A Look Into The Future

Why did Andrés Pinzón want to come to St. John’s? Well the answer is really quite simple. He wanted to stay in New York. When I asked him why St. John’s over schools such as Florida or New Mexico, he said that he “didn’t want to move to another state”. He went on to acknowledge Assistant Coach Van Macon as a crucial piece in his recruiting process. He and Coach Van Macon made a connection that played a role in getting Pinzón to commit to St. John’s.

When I asked Andrés what the best thing he brings to a basketball team is he told me that it was the ability to make others better. He says, “I can create for me, for my teammates…I like to share the ball and keep everybody involved”.

Life Outside of Basketball

To complete the interview we talked about some of the things he likes to do when he’s not playing basketball.

Hobbies: Going to the studio to hangout with his friends who rap (Andrés does not rap himself)

Favorite Rap Artist: Anuel & Bad Bunny

Dream Job that’s not playing basketball: Astronaut

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Regular Season Recap and Big East Tournament Preview

In a conference like the Big East, it is an incredible accomplishment if just one person from your program earns a conference honor. This year the Johnnies finished the regular season with several Big East awards.

Coach of the Year

Mike Anderson, a.k.a. Iron Mike, took home the hardware for Big East Coach of the year.

After being selected to finish ninth in the preseason polls Mike Anderson made it clear that he had other plans. He knew what he had with this team, and he proved very quickly that St. John’s is no longer a bottom feeder in this league. Anderson secured yet another winning season, making it 19 straight. This season was the first time in over half a decade that the Johnnies finished with a winning record in Big East play. The choice was clear for coach of the year and I’m glad that it was as clear to everyone else as it was to me. We are lucky to have a coach like MA in Queens.

Freshmen of Year & Defensive Player of the Year

Similarly to coach of the year, in my eyes this award the “Freshman of the Year” award was never a competition. Posh Alexander showed us from day 1 that he is a special player who was going to make a major impact in this league. He was the catalyst for the Johnnies all season long and fit like a glove into Mike Anderson’s “40 minutes of hell” style of basketball. Posh averaged 11.1 points, 4.4 assists, 2.5 rebounds, and 2.6 steals. 2.6 steals per game was good enough for 7th in the nation. His relentless defensive energy and determination earned him Big East Defensive Player of the Year.

Only three players in Big East history have won Defensive Player of the Year as a freshman. Who are those players you may ask? Patrick Ewing, Alonso Mourning, and Allen Iverson. ELITE company and Big East royalty.

Side note: After missing the last two games of the regular season do to injury, Posh Alexander IS playing today vs. Seton Hall.

Most Improved Player

Julian Champagnie

Freshmen Year: 9.9 PTS, 6.5 REB, 0.8 AST, 1.2 STL, 0.8 BLK

Sophomore Year: 19.9 PTS, 7.3 REB, 1.0 AST, 1.5 STL, 1.0 BLK

Julian also improved his three point percentage by a healthy margin going from 31% a year ago to 38%. He was able to improve his percentage while shooting four more threes per game. Coming into this season he spoke about how he put in a lot of time into his jump-shot in the off-season and it showed.

Aside from being named “Most Improved Player” Julian was also selected for All-Big East First Team.

Champagnie was a shoe-in for Big East First Team honors and there was a strong argument for him to be Player of the Year. In light of us having a game later this afternoon, I am going to keep karma on our side and I will not go on a rant about how the Player of the Year award was given out this year. Instead I will take the high road.

Over the next couple days it’ll become clear who the best player in the league is. Believe it!

Key’s to Beating Seton Hall…Again

Beating a team twice within the same week is never an easy task. However we can and will do it. After falling behind 18-0 at the start of the game, Mike Anderson rallied the troops and brought the team to within 10 points of the Pirates at the break. In the second half Julian Champagnie, Marcellus Earlington, and Dylan Wusu led the charge in what saw St. John’s out score Seton Hall 53-33 in the second half. This was easily the most impressive half of basketball that we’ve seen St. John’s play all year long and boy did it come at the right time.

When you evaluate the things that we’re doing on that run that made them so successful it really came down to two main things. Committing to slowing down Sandro Mamukelashvili and shooting efficiently from beyond the arc down the stretch. Mamukelashvili was one of the Big East Players of the Year this season. He is the motor that keeps Seton Hall moving. While it is almost impossible to slow him down, if we can hold him to 15 points like we did the other night, we can put ourselves in a very strong position for victory. Seton Hall doesn’t have a plentiful amount of scorers. It is vital that we don’t let their star forward get rolling. Back on March 6th when we beat Seton Hall, Marcellus Earlington scored 12 points on four 3-pointers. The junior forward was on fire from deep and helped to spark the massive comeback. As a team the Johnnies shot 45% from beyond the arc that night. They were extremely effective with the long ball and that played a major role in making them victorious.

MSG is our home court. Let’s take it to them. Go Johnnies.

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It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over

This Team Has Grit

Don’t count us out just yet. Every time I am convinced the season’s over, this team makes me a believer again. Last night reminded me why I bleed St. John’s basketball. It was one of those games that made you proud to be a student, alumni, fan, etc. Last night’s victory was a super gritty performance, led by a tremendous effort from Rasheem Dunn. In March, it’s easy to see which team/which player wants it more. Dunn, who will be graduating this May, understands that this is his last chance at an NCAA tournament. Every game from here on out is literally the most important game of his life and last night he played like that.

Player of the Game

Rasheem Dunn was the obvious choice for last night’s player of the game.

Dunn reminded us the importance of strong senior leadership in March. He scored a season high 21-points last night while shooting at a high clip. He played relentlessly on the defensive side of the ball and caused havoc for the Providence backcourt down the stretch in this one. You could tell he knew that with Posh out of the lineup, this was his time to take over.

Rasheem Dunn goes coast to coast and finishes it off with a lay-in. He was simply faster than every other player on the court.

Double-double x2

Julian Champagnie and Isaih Moore both registered double-double totals last night during St. John’s comeback victory over Providence. Julian chipped in 16-points and grabbed 10 rebounds, while Isaih Moore tallied 10-points and crashed the boards hard for 11 rebounds. Even in a game where Julian struggled to get his shot going, he created offense for himself by taking the ball to the rack and drawing fouls. He continues to be ultra-consistent night in and night out, which is all you can ask for from your best player and team leader.

Julian Champagnie knocks down the triple over Providence defender.

Isaih Moore was phenomenal off of the bench and played such an important role in last nights victory.

To be plus-26 in a single game is simply ridiculous. Especially when this game was close for a majority of it. St. John’s was on another level when Moore was in there doing his thing and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Stepping up

Greg Williams Jr. has been battling a back injury for the better part of this season. Last night he looked as healthy as ever before and came up HUGE for us when we needed him the most. It’s never easy when you go into a “must-win” game without one of your top players (Posh Alexander), but it makes things easier when you have a guy like Greg Williams who isn’t afraid of the moment and was ready to step up. Greg scored 15 points last night, played hard nosed defense, and converted all his attempts at the line. He will continue to be an x-factor for this team as we head down a stretch of “must win” games.

Greg Williams Jr. highlights:

Greg Williams Jr. explodes to the basket and dunks it admist a St. John’s comeback rally.
We know he can explode to the rim, but he’s not afraid to let it fly either.

Box Score

Williams Jr.2001015
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This is March

This is march. Every college basketball fan’s favorite time of the year. For St. John’s fans, spirits are down as we fall on the outside looking in to this year’s NCAA March Madness Tournament. Let’s break down what needs to happen for us to get into this year’s tournament. According to, we have a 5.9% chance of making a tournament appearance this year.

Let me remind you that in March, a 1% chance is all you need in order to make something happen. Just a couple of weeks ago, every bracket expert had us right on the bubble. An embarrassing loss at home to DePaul immediately dropped us from any consideration.

St. John’s has an opportunity to make something special happen down the stretch and give us something to root for this March Madness.

Protect the Home Floor

St. John’s finishes the regular season with two home games against Providence (3/3) and Seton Hall (3/6). These are two very winnable games that can build momentum headed into the Big East Tourney. 

The last time St. John’s faced Providence, we took it to them on their home floor. Led by Julian Champagnie (24 PTS & 10 REB),  the Johnnies tallied 92 points and won in convincing fashion. Posh Alexander chipped  in 21 points that afternoon, while Rasheem Dunn notched a double-double with 13 points and 10 assists. The win against Providence was the last win of St. John’s 6-game win streak that ended a few days later against Butler.

It has been nearly three months since we last took on Seton Hall.  On December 11th we traveled to Newark for our first Big East regular season game and suffered a nine-point loss to the Pirates. Sandro Mamukelashvili led the way for Seton Hall that night as he scored a career high 32-points and also grabbed 9 rebounds. Stopping him was nearly impossible that night and I am sure that has to be the focus for Mike Anderson this coming Saturday. Like I said before, both of these games are extremely winnable. The last time we took on Seton Hall we hadn’t yet discovered our identity. Posh Alexander only had six points and zero assists that night, we all know a performance like that won’t happen again. The Johnnies look much different now then they did back in December and I’m confident we can take it to them this Saturday.

The Big East Tournament

In my opinion, winning two games in the Big East Tournament would put us back in the conversation with the Bubble teams for the tournament. If we can somehow put a run together and manage to get to the final game, then I think we are in. Now, I know this might sounds like a big stretch, but try and be a believer with me here for a second. On February 3rd, we proved that we can beat anyone in this league when we beat down Villanova for the entire 40 minutes. IF (and this is a big if) we can string together a couple of performances like that one down the stretch, we can and we will make some noise this season.

It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. We ride.

Big East Tournament Bracket

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Congrats Coach Anderson on 400 Career Wins!

Making History

Last night’s win marked Coach Anderson’s 400th career win as an NCAAM head coach. It also clinched yet another winning season for him, making it nineteen seasons straight. He is just one of four D-1 coaches with 15+ years of experience who can say this. Let’s take a look back at what was happening during Coach Anderson’s first career season as a head coach in 2002:

  • The first Spider-Man was released in theaters.
  • Eminem’s The Eminem Show was the biggest selling album of the year.
  • Apple released its second generation iPod.
  • Kelly Clarkson won the very first season of American Idol.

Nearly two decades of winning basketball at multiple high major programs is incredible. Congratulations again to Coach Anderson on making history.

Player of the Game

At this point it’s almost an automatic to choose Posh or Julian as player of the game on any given night. They could have been co-players of the game last night again, but someone else stuck out to me as a massive X-factor in this one.

Marcellus Earlington was a massive spark off of the bench for us last night. He scored 16 points and pulled down 9 rebounds (team high), coming up clutch all night long. To me, this team has two X-factors. Marcellus Earlington and Vince Cole. While Cole struggled last night, Marcellus more than made up for it. If Cellus can string a few games like this together, we are going to be in great shape for a tournament push.

Dynamic Duo

You really can’t recap any game without dedicating an entire section of the article to our star freshman point guard, Posh Alexander. Last night Posh left it all on the floor (as he always does) and gave Xavier hell for forty minutes. In the midst of a huge victory it seemed like this got slept on last night:

I have no doubt that Posh will secure a triple-double at some point in his tenure at St. John’s. He did it all last night and not just offensively. To go along with his near triple-double performance, he also added three steals. He currently sits at seventh in that nation in that category.

It’s hard to talk about Posh without mentioning his partner in crime, Julian Champagnie. These two have developed unbreakable chemistry on the court and it is a special thing to watch. They connected for a pair of highlight alley oops last night that got everyone out of their seats.

Champagnie led the way in the scoring column last night. He tallied 21 points on a variety of shots and also went 7-7 from the free throw line. On the year, Julian is shooting 45% from the field, 42% from beyond the arc, and 87.5% from the free throw line. Outstanding numbers especially for someone who shoots at a high volume.

Game Highlights

It doesn’t get any more Posh than this. He basically just takes the ball from the Xavier guard and lays it in for an easy deuce.
Isaih Moore came to play yesterday. He has made highlight reel dunks in almost every game recently. He scored 11 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in the win last night.
Rasheem Dunn was impressive last night. The senior guard dropped a cool 17 points. He hit several big shots last night including the dagger with 1:30 remaining(above).
Okay just one more Posh highlight. I had to include this one because its not your traditional Posh Alexander play. This play was eye opening to me because it showed his confidence shooting the ball. He had struggled in the first half with his jump shot, but early in the second half he showed no signs of worry as he stared the defender in the eyes and drained this three. Badass.

Tournament Talk

Okay, so the tournament seems to be all anyone is worried about this time of year. The way I understand it is, for us to find ourselves in the bracket we have to finish out the rest of the season 3-1 at the minimum. The only loss being to Villanova. The three must win games are DePaul, Providence, and Seton Hall. Essentially, we control our own destiny. In my eyes, if we win those 3 games and win one in the Big East tournament there is no way they can keep us out of the bracket.

Box Score

Moore5 1 00011

Bet the Trend

St. John’s improves to 6-0 ATS in the last 6 games played at Carnesecca. Shoutout to anyone who tailed this pick.

Hopefully St. John’s can keep up their winning ways with a huge game on Saturday vs. DePaul.

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‘Just How Fast the Night Changes’: The Triumphant Return of New York’s Team

At the beginning of 2021, St. John’s basketball was showing signs of regression in the Big East play as they dropped two winnable games to Marquette and Georgetown and were blown out twice by Creighton.

Now, St. John’s is on the cusp of being a ranked team with ranked wins over UConn and Villanova. St. John’s has been on a six game win streak with 5 of those wins coming over Big East opponents. In this time period St. John’s has moved from the 9th spot in the Big East which would mean playing on night one of the Big East Tournament, to having the third most Big East wins and the sixth highest winning percentage among teams. To quote the hit single off One Direction’s fourth studio album, Four:

“Does it ever drive you crazy, just how fast the night changes.” 

The PC Friars got Smoked (then they came back to only get smoked again)

See the source image

There is no better feeling in the world than seeing that stupid Providence Friar mascot sad. He is a top-5 creepiest mascot in college basketball and he has a face that will make your mother question what B-movie horror film you are watching whenever he comes on the TV.

The Johnnies came to play on Sunday in a big way. It is hard to remember a stronger start by the Johnnies in the Mike Anderson Era. The team was white hot from 3 to begin the game, hitting 6 of their first 7 threes before slowing down the tempo in the second half. The Red Storm went from scoring 75 on non-power five teams like St. Peter’s to the point where the offense is playing with fire and desire as they shoot 58% from the field and 52.6% from three.

Are these 3-point numbers sustainable over a longer period of time? Well no, BUT St. John’s has shown in the past two games that it has reached another level as numerous players are improving at making their own shot on the perimeter. Alexander, Dunn, Moore and Earlington have all stepped their game up in the dog days of Big East play and the team is winning because of it. Secondary scoring is crucial to this team’s success during the dog days of Big East play and Wusu, Moore, Cole, Dunn and Earlington have all had moments where they changed the momentum of the game.

The most impressive part of St. John’s performance was the ability to reset after a time-out once Providence took the lead early in the second half. Dunn showed tremendous leadership among the young group down the stretch as he did all of the little things correctly in order to secure the victory. He was the best player of the second half, as the senior from Brooklyn dished out ten assists to secure a double-double. This performance was obviously something I would love to see Rah build upon in the future and it reminded me of the promise the transfer showed last winter. Champagnie slowed down after a white hot start but secondary scoring was able to help secure the victory. 

Walking Back A Bad Take

See the source image
Mike Anderson telling Barstool St. John’s to slow their role and shut their mouth

We released an article once with a bad headline. Have y’all heard about this? We compared some of the shortcomings this year’s early season to the lows of the Mullin Era. A lot of people may have misinterpreted the article as a call for Anderson’s removal as coach which was not the case for anyone who actually read the article. The article more or less was designed to evoke a question and discussion on whether the program was on the right track. Anderson answered the question with an emphatic yes through high level coaching over the past two weeks. This take came out way too soon and we wanted to just apologize for being overly critical of Iron Mike. I lived through the Mullin Era and it sucked and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Mike Anderson is like a father figure for this program and much like everyone’s real life father, it is easy to be reactionary and overly critical about the little things. The early season losses were like Poppa Anderson waking up at 6 AM before work and deciding to power wash the house which forces the family to wake up in a grumpy mood. He didn’t have bad intentions and was acting in the best interests of the family in the long run as a spotless clean house would be awesome. Now that the house is washed and everything is in order, Anderson is rewarding the SJUBB family with a resort trip to Cabo or taking us to Disney World which can be seen in our 6-game win streak. When things start going good, we are grateful for this trip and regret being mad about the little things. We love Iron Mike and are buying all the stock in $AndersonCoin but we just wanted to take a minute to walk back one of our worst takes.

40 Minutes of Hell

With that being said, Mike Anderson has transformed into being a dark horse candidate for Big East Coach of the Year. If Anderson is able to continue to coach the team at a .700 winning percentage down the stretch which is easily achievable, the team will finish top 4 in the Big East after a slow start. A narrative can even develop about Anderson utilizing the Covid stoppage in the season as a way to get back to basics and further instill his 40 minutes of hell style on players who were just entering his program for the first time like Cole, Wusu, Posh and Moore. Coach of the year does not always go to the coach of the best program, it is a narrative based award and Anderson can be rewarded for the low expectations set by college basketball writers at the beginning of the season.

Here is how the season would have to play out for Andererson to have a real shot at coach of the year:

W @ Butler

W vs Xavier 

W @ Marquette

W vs Depaul

L @ Villanova

W vs Providence

W vs Seton Hall

W vs UConn ( if the make-up game happens)

This continuation of St. John’s winning form may seem unlikely but any combination of 5 or 6 of these 7 wins would elevate a team projected to finish bottom 4 in the Big East into the top 5 and a lot of the credit deserves to go to Anderson’s full court pressing scheme which has created a transition offence all season. The front runner should deservedly be Greg McDermott as his team has been an absolute weapon all season but Anderson’s case with a mostly new roster would be compelling to voters if this scenario plays out

Way Too Early: Should they stay or should they go?

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“I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends until…”

Posh Alexander and Julian Champagnie look like players who have serious potential to ascend to the next level. Some people have begun to ask whether Champagnie, the leading scorer in the Big East, is ready for professional ball. I wanted to just take a second and address that both of these players would be better suited to stay an extra year at St. John’s based on the results from some of the past few Big East guards and forwards in the NBA. We will definitely come back and reassess closer to Draft time but the answer appears to be “Not Yet”.

Champagnie is dominant and his game. Julian will probably finish the year as an All-Big East First Team player and teams may see him as a value pick in the second round. Although there is still a ton of time left for Champagnie to improve his draft stock this season through a strong Big East Tournament performance, Julian should plan on staying another year with St. John’s program or entering the draft without an agent in order to feel out the NBA combine process. There are moments where Champagnie reminds me of Jason Tatum with his shotmaking ability but one more year of growth and development may allow him to enter the NBA as a rotational player rather than a long term developmental project. Bad NBA teams have a poor history of player development and moving on from previous projects to go chase the next big project in the NBA draft the next year. Champagnie would be better suited to go into the draft next year as a more finished product and two years of Big East dominance may establish him as a mid-late first round pick making much better money than a second rounder. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Posh should not go into the draft this year even without an agent. Alexander was a diamond in the rough with tons of untapped potential. There is no need to go to the combine as a freshman when Alexander can come back next season bigger and stronger. Posh Alexander has grown from being a two way threat who’s offence primarily came from playmaking and the transition to a two way weapon with a solid three pointer. He reminds me a little bit of a slightly improved model of the last two years of Kris Dunn at Providence. We know what happened to Kris Dunn in the NBA albeit his high draft pick set expectations way too high. We’ve seen various Big East stud point guards struggle to find playing time in recent years be it Dunn, Ponds, Howard or Arcidiacono. It would be preferable for Posh.0 to focus on his physical development to make the All-Big East First team and potentially be an All-American next year than focus on the potential of glory in the NBA. 

Preview/Drinking Game for Tonight against Butler:

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Get out of here you mutt.

On Saturday, I took a bullet for the #SJUBB community. I watched an entire Butler vs. DePaul basketball game. My reactions can be defined by the words YUCK and STINKY! Without three players, Butler struggled to find much offense outside Bryce Nze and Chuck Harris. If St. John’s can scheme around these players and force the rest of Butler to beat us, we have a solid shot at picking up a relatively relaxed victory tonight against this Butler group. Butler is favored right now at -3 but I would take the Johnnies to continue their run of form and win outright on the road.

Here is tonight’s Drinking Game for St. John’s vs Butler on FS1:

Take a sip once everytime Posh Alexander is referred to as Swanky P

Take two sips everytime Marcellus Earlington’s football background in mentioned

Take three sips if Posh and Wusu’s high school team is shown

Take four sips if St. John’s allows a run of 8 points or more when they have a lead

Finish your drink when St. John’s wins

Let’s Go Red Storm