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Johnnies Take Down Xavier for Coach Anderson’s 400th Career Win

Making History

Last night’s win marked Coach Anderson’s 400th career win as an NCAAM head coach. It also clinched yet another winning season for him, making it nineteen seasons straight. He is just one of four D-1 coaches with 15+ years of experience who can say this. Let’s take a look back at what was happening during Coach Anderson’s first career season as a head coach in 2002:

  • The first Spider-Man was released in theaters.
  • Eminem’s The Eminem Show was the biggest selling album of the year.
  • Apple released its second generation iPod.
  • Kelly Clarkson won the very first season of American Idol.

Nearly two decades of winning basketball at multiple high major programs is incredible. Congratulations again to Coach Anderson on making history.

Player of the Game

At this point it’s almost an automatic to choose Posh or Julian as player of the game on any given night. They could have been co-players of the game last night again, but someone else stuck out to me as a massive X-factor in this one.

Marcellus Earlington was a massive spark off of the bench for us last night. He scored 16 points and pulled down 9 rebounds (team high), coming up clutch all night long. To me, this team has two X-factors. Marcellus Earlington and Vince Cole. While Cole struggled last night, Marcellus more than made up for it. If Cellus can string a few games like this together, we are going to be in great shape for a tournament push.

Dynamic Duo

You really can’t recap any game without dedicating an entire section of the article to our star freshman point guard, Posh Alexander. Last night Posh left it all on the floor (as he always does) and gave Xavier hell for forty minutes. In the midst of a huge victory it seemed like this got slept on last night:

I have no doubt that Posh will secure a triple-double at some point in his tenure at St. John’s. He did it all last night and not just offensively. To go along with his near triple-double performance, he also added three steals. He currently sits at seventh in that nation in that category.

It’s hard to talk about Posh without mentioning his partner in crime, Julian Champagnie. These two have developed unbreakable chemistry on the court and it is a special thing to watch. They connected for a pair of highlight alley oops last night that got everyone out of their seats.

Champagnie led the way in the scoring column last night. He tallied 21 points on a variety of shots and also went 7-7 from the free throw line. On the year, Julian is shooting 45% from the field, 42% from beyond the arc, and 87.5% from the free throw line. Outstanding numbers especially for someone who shoots at a high volume.

Game Highlights

It doesn’t get any more Posh than this. He basically just takes the ball from the Xavier guard and lays it in for an easy deuce.
Isaih Moore came to play yesterday. He has made highlight reel dunks in almost every game recently. He scored 11 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in the win last night.
Rasheem Dunn was impressive last night. The senior guard dropped a cool 17 points. He hit several big shots last night including the dagger with 1:30 remaining(above).
Okay just one more Posh highlight. I had to include this one because its not your traditional Posh Alexander play. This play was eye opening to me because it showed his confidence shooting the ball. He had struggled in the first half with his jump shot, but early in the second half he showed no signs of worry as he stared the defender in the eyes and drained this three. Badass.

Tournament Talk

Okay, so the tournament seems to be all anyone is worried about this time of year. The way I understand it is, for us to find ourselves in the bracket we have to finish out the rest of the season 3-1 at the minimum. The only loss being to Villanova. The three must win games are DePaul, Providence, and Seton Hall. Essentially, we control our own destiny. In my eyes, if we win those 3 games and win one in the Big East tournament there is no way they can keep us out of the bracket.

Box Score

Moore5 1 00011

Bet the Trend

St. John’s improves to 6-0 ATS in the last 6 games played at Carnesecca. Shoutout to anyone who tailed this pick.

Hopefully St. John’s can keep up their winning ways with a huge game on Saturday vs. DePaul.

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‘Just How Fast the Night Changes’: The Triumphant Return of New York’s Team

At the beginning of 2021, St. John’s basketball was showing signs of regression in the Big East play as they dropped two winnable games to Marquette and Georgetown and were blown out twice by Creighton.

Now, St. John’s is on the cusp of being a ranked team with ranked wins over UConn and Villanova. St. John’s has been on a six game win streak with 5 of those wins coming over Big East opponents. In this time period St. John’s has moved from the 9th spot in the Big East which would mean playing on night one of the Big East Tournament, to having the third most Big East wins and the sixth highest winning percentage among teams. To quote the hit single off One Direction’s fourth studio album, Four:

“Does it ever drive you crazy, just how fast the night changes.” 

The PC Friars got Smoked (then they came back to only get smoked again)

See the source image

There is no better feeling in the world than seeing that stupid Providence Friar mascot sad. He is a top-5 creepiest mascot in college basketball and he has a face that will make your mother question what B-movie horror film you are watching whenever he comes on the TV.

The Johnnies came to play on Sunday in a big way. It is hard to remember a stronger start by the Johnnies in the Mike Anderson Era. The team was white hot from 3 to begin the game, hitting 6 of their first 7 threes before slowing down the tempo in the second half. The Red Storm went from scoring 75 on non-power five teams like St. Peter’s to the point where the offense is playing with fire and desire as they shoot 58% from the field and 52.6% from three.

Are these 3-point numbers sustainable over a longer period of time? Well no, BUT St. John’s has shown in the past two games that it has reached another level as numerous players are improving at making their own shot on the perimeter. Alexander, Dunn, Moore and Earlington have all stepped their game up in the dog days of Big East play and the team is winning because of it. Secondary scoring is crucial to this team’s success during the dog days of Big East play and Wusu, Moore, Cole, Dunn and Earlington have all had moments where they changed the momentum of the game.

The most impressive part of St. John’s performance was the ability to reset after a time-out once Providence took the lead early in the second half. Dunn showed tremendous leadership among the young group down the stretch as he did all of the little things correctly in order to secure the victory. He was the best player of the second half, as the senior from Brooklyn dished out ten assists to secure a double-double. This performance was obviously something I would love to see Rah build upon in the future and it reminded me of the promise the transfer showed last winter. Champagnie slowed down after a white hot start but secondary scoring was able to help secure the victory. 

Walking Back A Bad Take

See the source image
Mike Anderson telling Barstool St. John’s to slow their role and shut their mouth

We released an article once with a bad headline. Have y’all heard about this? We compared some of the shortcomings this year’s early season to the lows of the Mullin Era. A lot of people may have misinterpreted the article as a call for Anderson’s removal as coach which was not the case for anyone who actually read the article. The article more or less was designed to evoke a question and discussion on whether the program was on the right track. Anderson answered the question with an emphatic yes through high level coaching over the past two weeks. This take came out way too soon and we wanted to just apologize for being overly critical of Iron Mike. I lived through the Mullin Era and it sucked and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Mike Anderson is like a father figure for this program and much like everyone’s real life father, it is easy to be reactionary and overly critical about the little things. The early season losses were like Poppa Anderson waking up at 6 AM before work and deciding to power wash the house which forces the family to wake up in a grumpy mood. He didn’t have bad intentions and was acting in the best interests of the family in the long run as a spotless clean house would be awesome. Now that the house is washed and everything is in order, Anderson is rewarding the SJUBB family with a resort trip to Cabo or taking us to Disney World which can be seen in our 6-game win streak. When things start going good, we are grateful for this trip and regret being mad about the little things. We love Iron Mike and are buying all the stock in $AndersonCoin but we just wanted to take a minute to walk back one of our worst takes.

40 Minutes of Hell

With that being said, Mike Anderson has transformed into being a dark horse candidate for Big East Coach of the Year. If Anderson is able to continue to coach the team at a .700 winning percentage down the stretch which is easily achievable, the team will finish top 4 in the Big East after a slow start. A narrative can even develop about Anderson utilizing the Covid stoppage in the season as a way to get back to basics and further instill his 40 minutes of hell style on players who were just entering his program for the first time like Cole, Wusu, Posh and Moore. Coach of the year does not always go to the coach of the best program, it is a narrative based award and Anderson can be rewarded for the low expectations set by college basketball writers at the beginning of the season.

Here is how the season would have to play out for Andererson to have a real shot at coach of the year:

W @ Butler

W vs Xavier 

W @ Marquette

W vs Depaul

L @ Villanova

W vs Providence

W vs Seton Hall

W vs UConn ( if the make-up game happens)

This continuation of St. John’s winning form may seem unlikely but any combination of 5 or 6 of these 7 wins would elevate a team projected to finish bottom 4 in the Big East into the top 5 and a lot of the credit deserves to go to Anderson’s full court pressing scheme which has created a transition offence all season. The front runner should deservedly be Greg McDermott as his team has been an absolute weapon all season but Anderson’s case with a mostly new roster would be compelling to voters if this scenario plays out

Way Too Early: Should they stay or should they go?

See the source image
“I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends until…”

Posh Alexander and Julian Champagnie look like players who have serious potential to ascend to the next level. Some people have begun to ask whether Champagnie, the leading scorer in the Big East, is ready for professional ball. I wanted to just take a second and address that both of these players would be better suited to stay an extra year at St. John’s based on the results from some of the past few Big East guards and forwards in the NBA. We will definitely come back and reassess closer to Draft time but the answer appears to be “Not Yet”.

Champagnie is dominant and his game. Julian will probably finish the year as an All-Big East First Team player and teams may see him as a value pick in the second round. Although there is still a ton of time left for Champagnie to improve his draft stock this season through a strong Big East Tournament performance, Julian should plan on staying another year with St. John’s program or entering the draft without an agent in order to feel out the NBA combine process. There are moments where Champagnie reminds me of Jason Tatum with his shotmaking ability but one more year of growth and development may allow him to enter the NBA as a rotational player rather than a long term developmental project. Bad NBA teams have a poor history of player development and moving on from previous projects to go chase the next big project in the NBA draft the next year. Champagnie would be better suited to go into the draft next year as a more finished product and two years of Big East dominance may establish him as a mid-late first round pick making much better money than a second rounder. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Posh should not go into the draft this year even without an agent. Alexander was a diamond in the rough with tons of untapped potential. There is no need to go to the combine as a freshman when Alexander can come back next season bigger and stronger. Posh Alexander has grown from being a two way threat who’s offence primarily came from playmaking and the transition to a two way weapon with a solid three pointer. He reminds me a little bit of a slightly improved model of the last two years of Kris Dunn at Providence. We know what happened to Kris Dunn in the NBA albeit his high draft pick set expectations way too high. We’ve seen various Big East stud point guards struggle to find playing time in recent years be it Dunn, Ponds, Howard or Arcidiacono. It would be preferable for Posh.0 to focus on his physical development to make the All-Big East First team and potentially be an All-American next year than focus on the potential of glory in the NBA. 

Preview/Drinking Game for Tonight against Butler:

See the source image
Get out of here you mutt.

On Saturday, I took a bullet for the #SJUBB community. I watched an entire Butler vs. DePaul basketball game. My reactions can be defined by the words YUCK and STINKY! Without three players, Butler struggled to find much offense outside Bryce Nze and Chuck Harris. If St. John’s can scheme around these players and force the rest of Butler to beat us, we have a solid shot at picking up a relatively relaxed victory tonight against this Butler group. Butler is favored right now at -3 but I would take the Johnnies to continue their run of form and win outright on the road.

Here is tonight’s Drinking Game for St. John’s vs Butler on FS1:

Take a sip once everytime Posh Alexander is referred to as Swanky P

Take two sips everytime Marcellus Earlington’s football background in mentioned

Take three sips if Posh and Wusu’s high school team is shown

Take four sips if St. John’s allows a run of 8 points or more when they have a lead

Finish your drink when St. John’s wins

Let’s Go Red Storm

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A Storm is Coming: Upset Win vs. #3 Villanova

40 Minutes of Hell

The boys are absolutely buzzing right now and there is no slowing us down. Posh Alexander led the charge last night, taking down #3 Villanova and putting St. John’s in the national headlines. What else is there to say besides, what a damn game!

Villanova runs like a machine. St. John’s overly aggressive style of defense last night proved to be a stick in the gear and they shut the machine down.  Villanova averages just 8 turnovers a game. Last night, the Johnnies turned them over 17 times. Major credit to Mike Anderson for sticking with his style and continuing to prove that it can work against even the best teams in the country. 

After beating #23 UConn back on January 18th Posh Alexander said in a post game press conference that, “I personally feel like we can beat anybody.” Boy was he right. The Johnnies continue to string together win after win, improving their winning streak to 5 games. 

The most impressive thing about last night’s game was St. John’s ability to hold onto a lead throughout the entire game.  For anyone watching you were probably expecting a big run from Villanova at some point in the 2nd half, but it never happened. The Johnnies pretty much held a steady 10-point advantage for the entire second half of this one.  They kept hammering, never letting off the gas, and put the nail in the coffin for Jay Wright’s Wildcats. Dare I say…we dominated Villanova?

This win moved us up to 67 in the NET rankings. And it puts us in serious consideration for the NCAA tournament.

Impact Players

Posh Alexander – King of NY

This tweet just about sums it up. Last night Posh Alexander scored 16 points, grabbed 4 rebounds, tallied 4 assists, and stole the ball 3 times. Incredible numbers but that wasn’t even the most impressive part of his game. Posh was matched up on Collin Gillespie, a preseason second team All-American point guard for Villanova, and he outplayed him every second of the game. Posh held Gillespie to 4 points while shooting 2-12 from the field and 0-8 from beyond the arc. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Posh Alexander is the catalyst for this team. He is the motor.

Adding a 3-point shot to his game opened so much for him and you have to love the confidence he is playing with right now. He is the man on campus and it seems as if he is beginning to realize that. This team will go as for as he can take them.

Julian Champagnie

It seems like there is a section about Julian in just about every post game article that we do. He is Mr. Consistent. After failing to score for the entire first half, he completely flipped the script in the second. He ended up with a double-double (14 PTS and 13 REB) and he also blocked 3 shots. He called his performance and “off day” on instagram (see above) and in a post game press conference. I wish my “off day” was a double-double against the third ranked team in the country. Julian hit a couple of vital 3’s down the stretch in this one and was a big help in preserving the lead in the second half.

After the game he did an interview with Andy Katz, host for @MarchMadness.

Dylan Addae-Wusu, The Spark We Needed

This young man has continually grown more and more on St. John’s fans since opening night this season.  He came off the bench and scored 9 points last night including two 3-pointers, grabbed 4 boards and locked down whoever he was assigned to on the defensive end. His role on this team can not be overlooked and I think more people every game are seeing how important he is. He played incredible defense, has no hesitation on the floor, isn’t afraid to let it fly, and attacks the basket hard. Oh and did I mention he is only a freshmen? The kid is an absolute stud and is improving every game. We are a better team when Dylan is on the floor.

Highlight Plays

GET OUT THE WAY. Greg Williams Jr. throws it down with authority in his first game back from injury. Unfortunately, the 4 minutes he played in the first half was all that he would play in this one, as his back continues to be a problem.
A Julian Champagnie block leads to an easy lay-in on the other end. Look at that ball movement.
Vince Cole has been feeling himself lately and honestly he’s been the X-factor. When he is hitting from deep this team is dangerous. At the beginning of this season things were looking bleak for the JUCO transfer. Recently he has had a big part in all the success.
Everytime Posh has a clear lane to the hoop a get out of my chair in hopes for a windmill. One of these times it’ll happen. Nonetheless was great to see he take off and throw one down coming off a great steal.

Box Score

Williams Jr. 010002

Gambling Results


Y’all should start tailing the picks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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Johnnies Win Again… Are We On The Bubble?

So… are we like on the bubble now?

Following the 75-73 win at Marquette on Sunday, St. John’s has now pulled off four straight wins, and jumping teams in the Big East standings at an alarming pace. This sparked up some Twitter chatter about possible tournament hopes.

Now I don’t wanna sound like that guy who gets unnecessarily hyped after a win, because believe me, you know damn well that St. John’s could beat a high school varsity team and fans on Twitter would be like: “Huge win! This is the turning point! What do you think we need to do now to make the tournament?”

That said, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say it:

I do think we’re going to make the tournament.

But before we get into that, I wanna dive into the actual Marquette game because it was a fun one.

Pre-game Headlines

St. John’s travelled to Milwaukee on Sunday to take on Marquette after their originally scheduled game vs UConn was postponed. (Seriously UConn, you guys gotta do better. That’s like your 15th Covid pause)

This game was huge for the Red Storm, who was seeking revenge from the last time the two teams met — which actually happens to be the last time the Johnnies have lost. As for Marquette, well, similar situation but flipped. Their last victory was against SJU, and have since been coming off two straight losses to DePaul and Providence.

Yes you read that right. Marquette lost to DePaul. At home. By seven. Haha couldn’t be us. Bums.

And with Georgetown holding serve at home against Providence on Saturday, a win for St. John’s would see them tied with the Friars for 6th place in the conference.

Game Recap

The Johnnies came out of the gates firing. The shots were falling. All was well.

Vince Cole, who started in place for the injured Greg Williams, was banging threes from deep and finished with ten points. His game has translated from JUCO to the Big East very nicely, similar to the likes of LJ Figueroa. The Red Storm started the game 6-9 from behind the arc, and at one point even pulled off a 28-8 run.

Marquette couldn’t get shit going. All momentum was leaning the right way. To close the half, Julian Champagnie drilled a three and just seconds later Posh Alexander got a steal and the and-one. Just like that, St. John’s had taken a 15-point lead into the locker room.

…And in classic fashion, St. John’s came out the second half flat and blew the lead in like 5 minutes. And that’s not an exaggeration. It took literally 5 minutes and 13 seconds to piss the lead away. You couldn’t write a more predictable script.

The rest of the game was pretty much St. John’s going on like a 6-0 run, Marquette cutting it to like two, and SJU trying to pull away again. Kudos to team for never allowing the Golden Eagles to grab the lead.

Rasheem Dunn played really well offensively to combat the constant runs by MU and while at first I was skeptical with the coaching decision to go combo and have Dunn and Posh start at the same time, the two play styles prove to compliment each other nicely.

As for Posh, he will probably go down as one of my favorite St. John’s players ever when all is said and done. You can’t not love his game. He had a clutch steal with around a minute and a half in which he stripped DJ Carton and finished at the rack.

The play of the game though came with around 45 seconds left: Dylan Addae-Wusu drove hard in the paint and finished with an acrobatic bucket. (Still shocked how that wasn’t also a foul, but whatever.)


A series of confusing and stressful events ensued, but to make a long story short, St. John’s managed to hang on for the 2-point victory by the grit of their teeth and everybody lived happily ever after.

Tournament Hopes?

Now, to the juicy stuff. You may be asking, “Barstool, what does this mean for St. John’s NCAA Tournament hopes?”

I have seen a lot on Twitter over the past few hours debating this topic. The timeline took a few hours to cool down. But honestly right now, I just want to enjoy the ride.

Backtrack for a minute: on January 9th, St. John’s lost to Creighton by 18 points and dropped to 1-5 in the Big East. We were tied with Georgetown for last place. The fact we’ve made it this far and are now ONE game out of a first-round bye in the conference tournament, is an incredible feat. I’m just happy we can play meaningful basketball in February.

Now, let’s speculate: At 11-7 overall and 5-6 in the conference, the Johnnies have a very interesting resume. We have road wins against #23 UConn and a Marquette squad who has beaten #4 Wisconsin and #9 Creighton. Our worst two losses are against BYU, who is projected to get an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament, and then on the road against Georgetown in OT.

For SJU, if you can improve your resume with some better wins, and your worst loss all year remains an overtime defeat on the road against Georgetown, I don’t see how the selection committee can keep you out.

A source close to us also spoke with John Fanta, who believes the Johnnies can still afford getting swept by Nova, if they can make up for that by going 6-3 or 5-4 down the stretch.

We are NOT in the tournament yet by any means. Still a ways off. And frankly, I think we are just grazing the surface of being on the bubble. There is A LOT of work that still needs to be done. But what I can say is that I am confident about the schedule. If we take advantage of what is in front of us and play it one game at a time, we will get in.

The reason I am so keen about racking up these wins is because of the uncertainty of the status of the Big East Tournament. Will it get played? Will it not? If there’s no Big East Tournament, thats one less path St. John’s will be able to take advantage of. Nonetheless, the Johnnies have a favorable 9 remaining regular season games:

  • vs. Villanova
  • @ Providence
  • @ Butler
  • vs. Xavier
  • vs. DePaul (rescheduled game)
  • @ Villanova
  • Providence
  • Seton Hall
  • vs. UConn (rescheduled game)

I say take care of business and the basketball gods will be in our favor. You don’t want to see us get hot. I’m feeling good. Way better than I probably should, but then again who would have thought that we’d miraculously pump life back into our once dead season.

Come back to me in a week or two when I’ll either want to delete this blog or I’ll want to collect my thanks from all of you for seeing the future.

For now, St. John’s is back.

$SJU to the moon. 🚀

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Johnnies Top DePaul for Third Straight Win

Game Recap

So we have this thing going on right now, it’s called a winning streak. Last night we secured our third straight victory, improving our overall record to 10-7 and our Big East Record to 4-6.  We have won four of our last five games and Coach Anderson has this team clicking on all cylinders. Last night was one of those rare St. John’s games where we were the clear-cut better team for the entire 40 minutes. 

Posh Alexander, Julian Champagnie, Isaih Moore, and Vince Cole all scored in double figures last night vs. DePaul. Cole led the way with 18, including three 3-pointers.  Champagnie scored 16 and also hit three 3-pointers.  Posh Alexander and Isaih Moore made impacts on both ends of the court; they each scored 15 points and tallied 3 steals. 

Vince Cole for three.

Posh Alexander continues to impress on a nightly basis and is the proven catalyst for the Johnnies. He executes Mike Anderson’s “40 minutes of hell” style to perfection. The rookie guard plays over 30 minutes a night and plays with the same fierce energy for the entire time. Posh leads the Big East and is 11th in the nation in steals with 2.53 STPG. Last week he was named Big East Rookie of the Week and MET Player of the Week and he is setting himself up for another shot at those awards yet again. 

Julian Champagnie continued his ultra-consistent play last night and is looking more and more like an NBA talent everytime I watch him play. After an early ankle injury scare, he came back into the game and didn’t miss a beat. He finished an incredible lob from Posh with a highlight dunk, banged home threes and hit the mid-range jumper in a 16-point effort. Julian said at the beginning of this season that he wanted to be a leader for this team, and he really embraced that role. He leads the Big East in scoring at 19.7 PPG. 

My vote for Big East Player of the Year: Julian Champagnie. 

Champagnie step-back three.

Rasheem Dunn’s 9 assists (career high) last night seemed to have flown under the radar for some reason. Dunn did a phenomenal job of penetrating and dishing and keeping the ball moving on offense. This year’s team has more offensive talent than last years, which has meant less scoring opportunities for Dunn. With that said, he is impacting the game in other ways and is playing a major role night in and night out.

Play of the Game

All the Alley-Oops and 3-pointers in yesterdays game made it hard for me to choose just one as the play of the game. However, this play stuck out to me as a clear winner.

Unselfish Basketball. Give and Go. AHHHHH Gimme that.

DePaul was still sticking around at this point in the game (and they kept it relatively close for awhile after this), but this play just about recaps how this game went. Posh Alexander and Isaih Moore both played their tails off last night and when you go hard for 40-min, you get rewarded with highlights like this. Relentless defense in the backcourt leading to a Moore dunk (one of many).


Last night we turned Chicago into lob-city. It seemed like there was an alley-oop every few minutes last night and I loved every second of it.

Posh hits Julian with a lob on a back-door cut.
Wusu splits the D, makes the dish to Moore.

Box Score


Gambling Results

This is democracy. When 64.2% of people say that the Johnnies will cover the spread, that means the Johnnies are covering the spread. An anonymous member of the Barstool team hit big with this Johnnies win last night.

Barstool St. John's

Renewing the Rivalry: Big Win vs. #23 UConn

First Win in Storrs Since 2000

Yesterday afternoon, for the first time since 2000, we beat UConn in Storrs. This game was so important for so many different reasons.  Coach Anderson, who prior to this game only had one Big East road win on his resume, coached this team through an incredible 40 minutes of basketball against a nationally ranked team on their home floor. 

This win solidifies for himself that what he is building at St. John’s is working and that this team is moving in the right direction. Winning a game on national television against a ranked opponent, who also happens to be a rival, is also going to give our players a big boost of confidence as we head into the final 10 games of the season. This game gives us the opportunity to turn the tide of this season and put St. John’s Men’s Basketball back on the map.  

Game Recap

St. John’s fell behind 21-7 early on in the first half, but they relentlessly fought back throughout the rest of the half and brought it to within three points headed into the break. 

In the second half, Marcellus Earlington was unstoppable. Marcellus hit 3 threes on three attempts, all coming amidst the second half comeback. The way he played yesterday was similar to the way he looked at the end of last season: shooting confidently, playing within himself, and playing winning basketball. Marcellus finished with 15 points and 5 rebounds in 20 minutes, hopefully earning himself more playing time going forward. 

Freshmen playing like seniors: Posh Alexander and Dylan Wusu played their best games of the season yesterday and this win wouldn’t have happened without them. I’ll start with Dylan, who played 28 minutes off the bench and chipped in 10 points, pulled down 5 rebounds, and tallied a pair of steals and assists. While he did register a solid stat line, his impact on this game goes far beyond the stat sheet. Wusu adds muscle for the Red Storm when he is on the floor and his hustle plays make major impacts on games, especially yesterday’s. His freshmen counterpart, Posh Alexander, played out of his damn mind yesterday. Posh hit 3 threes (career high) in an 18-point scoring effort. He stuffed the stat sheet: 18 PTS, 6 AST, 4 REB, 3 STL, 1 BLK. He played 36 minutes with the same energy the entire time. I swear this guy never gets tired. To make all of this even more impressive, we found out after the game that he didn’t practice on Sunday because his hip has been bothering him. This is the kind of guy we want in this program: a fighter. 

Post Game Interview with Posh Alexander:

Absolute badass. Let’s get it Posh.  

Game Highlights

Full-court dime from Posh to Wusu. The chemistry between these two is unbelievable. They are going to be a special duo for us.

Our boy Marcellus made it rain at Gampel yesterday. Clutch rating 99.

When Posh’s name is called upon, he rises to the occasion. Posh never backs down from the big moment. The kid is an absolute beast with a never-ending motor and a special talent on the basketball court.

Box Score

Williams Jr. (injured)000100

Gambling Results

We. Only. Post. LOCKS.

Check our twitter for best picks before every game.

What’s Next?

Unfortunately for us fans, we have to wait until January 27th to see our team take the floor again. On the 27th St. John’s will face off against DePaul (2-4) at Wintrust Arena in Chicago. This is a great opportunity for this team to snag another Big East win, which would give us 4 on the year. After the DePaul game we face UConn again, this time at Carnesseca, followed by another home game vs. Villanova.

Beating UConn twice will be no easy task, but I believe this team is up for the challenge. The Villanova game is a unique opportunity considering they’re a top-5 team in the nation, giving us a chance to shock the world. After Nova, we enter a stretch of games where I believe we must go 3-4 to accelerate ourselves up in standings, and give us a chance at the tournament. Those games include Providence, Butler, Xavier, and Marquette. We are on the road for all but the Xavier matchup, but these are all games that this team can and should win.

Time to build off of a massive victory against UConn, and keep the ball rolling into the most exciting part of the college basketball season.

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The Josh Roberts Revenge Tour Has Officially Kicked Off

Hear that? That’s the sound of a gazillion St. John’s fans who have just heard their calls answered. The Johnnies won, and Josh Roberts finally got his time to shine.

Tuesday was a day of headlines prior to St. John’s twelve point win over Butler at Carnesecca Arena. For a Red Storm team that was 1-5 in the Big East, going up against a sub .500 Butler team was a must win. If the pressure wasn’t immense already, the headlines kept coming as the day went on.

The Isaih Moore Fiasco

6:14 PM. EST, (approx. 46 minutes until tip-off),

The Braziller bomb drops: Isaih Moore would be inactive after a minor team rules violation.

According to sources close to the situation, we were told he hasn’t even been practicing. We just don’t know how deep this situation goes.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach out to Moore for comment.

Enter Sir Josh

6:40 PM. EST, (approx. 20 minutes until tip-off),

Starting lineups drop:

This was a pleasant surprise for all. I was expecting that Moore’s absence would mean Arnaldo Toro would be sliding into the starting lineup, however, it seems Coach Anderson knew a shakeup was needed and rightfully so — as the Red Storm had not even won a game in 2021.

All of Queens was hyped after hearing this news, especially since a mere six days ago, Iron Mike implied he had no intention of integrating Roberts into the rotation.

People forget Josh was a starter last season before his season-ending shoulder injury, leaving all of us scratching our heads as to why he suddenly fell off the radar for the Red Storm during the first three months of this season. There were even some deep-cut conspiracies (jokingly) circulating around SJUBB Twitter as to what could have happened.

Game Recap

In the Johnnies’ double digit win over the Bulldogs, Roberts finished with 8 points and 3 boards, but his solid contributions defensively were something that doesn’t show on the scorecard.

We had a field day gassing him up on our socials. Honestly, it was one of the most fun games that we’ve covered all season. Some great moments.

Killmer was definitely in a jolly mood after this one.

St. John’s never trailed, there were some great highlights, and we felt confident that we were the actually better team for the WHOLE 40 minutes. I went to bed happy.

So, What’s Next?

We know it’s just one game, but the team clicked on all cylinders and you can tell the players were glad to share the hardwood with Josh once again.

Champagnie also said that the boys were “tired of losing.” Call me crazy, but I think this be the start of something good. Chemistry and unity is at an all-time high. The players are fed up, and are ready to put a winning streak together. Don’t let this team get hot.

SJU has another very winnable game on Saturday against a Marquette squad who has had their highs and lows. Plus, a win would have St. John’s jump ahead of Marquette in the Big East standings. With uncertainty as to how long Moore will be inactive for, Coach has already made it clear he will be sticking with Josh for the time being.

Ladies and gents, the Josh Roberts Revenge Tour has officially begun.

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Should We Stop Always Giving Coach Anderson a Free Pass?

Mike Anderson is in his second season with St. John’s and, well, things could be going better.

Anderson is known for never having a losing season in all his years coaching. This is an extremely impressive statistic for someone who has coached for many years in tough basketball conferences. Unfortunately, when push comes to shove, that record hasn’t translated in to much real success for his teams. By real success, I mean NCAA tournament appearances, tournament wins, and conference championships. Anderson made one Elite-8 appearance in his tenure at Missouri, but has otherwise been mediocre.

At Barstool St. John’s we are usually very big fans of Coach Anderson and love gassing him up on our socials.

However, recent performance is making me question my initial instincts about him as a coach. I thought he’d have this team moving in the right direction this season, but it seems like we have only been taking steps backwards. He is slowly beginning to lose the St. John’s fanbase and he needs to figure something out quick before this gets even more out of hand. After yet another brutal loss last night in a game that we should have won, I took a look at what he’s done so far at St. John’s. Which isn’t much.

Big East Record

In his first twenty-three Big East games, Anderson is 6-17. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is an embarrassing record and frankly a major cause for concern for this program going forward (see next section). To make matters worse Anderson is 1-12 on Big East road games in his first season and a half in Queens. This simply won’t get it done. I don’t have a stat for this but one of my biggest concerns for Coach Anderson is the inability to hold on to games late in the second half. In just this year alone, he has let games slip away against Xavier and Georgetown, and we almost let the Boston College game slip away after being up by 20 points.

Mike Anderson seemingly has no clear plan for most Big East games and NEVER makes adjustments when they are needed most.

I won’t get into the whole Josh Roberts issue right now, but this is a perfect example of Coach Anderson failing to make any adjustments. This is yet another game where Josh Roberts could have helped in a big way on the glass, but instead he decided to keep him on the bench for the full 40 minutes.

Last season we likely would’ve been an NIT team, unless we made some crazy Big East Tournament run. This year it is looking like yet again we will be playing on opening night of the BET in the 10/11 game. Up until this point there has been no progress made in Anderson’s second season at the helm.


Well, how the hell are we suppose to land recruits when all we do is lose.

Recruit: “Why should I come to St. John’s?”

MA: “Ugh… we play at the Garden sometimes and were good in the 80’s”

Those are basically our only selling points to any recruits: Playing at Madison Square Garden and having a rich history of success. Key word is “history”.

We have no present day success. Why would any highly respected recruit want to go to a school that loses? They don’t. With UConn back in the Big East, recruiting is only going to get more difficult for us, accelerating us into a never ending downward spiral.

The best selling point in recruiting any player is making them feel like they are going to be apart of a program that is going to have lots of success on the court. St. John’s can’t offer this at the moment and it’s unfortunate because I’m having trouble seeing a time where we can.

The 2021 recruiting class includes some solid players, but he’s missing two things. He’s missing that 4-star stud who can carry the team at times, and he’s missing a traditional back you down type of center that can hold down the paint against Big East teams. Until he finds those pieces, we are going to look lost against Big East teams. I can promise you that.

How Long Can This Go On?

Mike Anderson is going to have many more chances to win games at St. John’s, as he should. I will not write him off yet. If it were up to me, his job is secured through the end of next season. Some people say give him the full cycle (four years), but if he doesn’t pull it together down the stretch of this season…next year he will be under lots of pressure.

Mike Anderson’s job is safe, and we don’t want him out per se — but it is time to put the blame on him once in a while because no one ever does. If he wants to build something in Queens, he needs to start moving things in the right direction now.

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Barstool Fund Supporting Acquista Trattoria

The Barstool Fund

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Barstool Fund, Dave Portnoy (President of Barstool Sports) is leading a charity for small businesses around the country who are in jeopardy of being put out of business due to COVID-19.

Dave started off the fund by putting $500k of his own money into the fund, and then opened it up to big time celebrities and regular people to donate. Dave has encouraged celebrities such as Tom Brady, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dana White, Pat McAfee, and many others to donate to the fund. In less than two weeks the Barstool Fund raised over 11 million dollars and has saved over 50 small businesses. They continue to exponentially raise more and more money and save more and more businesses everyday. 

On an appearance on Tucker Carlson, Dave said that he’d “Rather be sitting on a beach, betting on horses, drinking, but nobody else is going to do it. We have this big platform, so we’re going to try to help as many small businesses as we can.” Dave stepped up to the plate when this country needed it the most and utilized his platform to do a tremendous amount of good during this holiday season. The Barstool Fund has changed the lives of so many small business owners in a desperate time of need.

Saving Acquista Trattoria

This morning Dave reached out to Acquista Trattoria, a famous restaurant in Fresh Meadows and right down the street from St. John’s. St. John’s alumni and current students know that this is a St. John’s staple and hearing this news was personally touching. 

The Barstool Fund pledged to support Acquista Trattoria with any financial help they may need until we make it to the other side of this pandemic.

Normally at Barstool we do a lot of joking around and post funny content so this is a bit more serious of a post then we are used to.  2020 was one of the most difficult years of our lives and unfortunately for so many small businesses they were forced to close because of financial trouble. Getting news like this gives us so much hope for a great 2021. 

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Greg Williams Scores Career High 26-Points in win vs. Georgetown

Game Recap

I can’t say enough good things about the offensive performance in this one. St. John’s had five guys score double-figures (see box-score) as they put up a strong 94-point performance at Carnesecca Arena. 

Julian Champagnie added the stat sheet stuffing tonight, scoring 20 points, pulling down team highs with 9 rebounds and dishing out 4 assists, and he even chipped in a pair of blocks and steals. His tremendous all around performance is something that we have been getting comfortable with as he has been extremely consistent night in and night out. Vince Cole was back in the starting lineup tonight and he got back in his groove, pouring in 17-points. Posh Alexander and Isaih Moore scored 10 and 12 respectively and made big plays on both sides of the ball for St. John’s all night long. Alexander tallied a team high in steals with three, and that should come as no surprise to anyone.  He continues to wreak havoc on everyone he guards and puts an insane amount of pressure on opposing guards. 

But, while it was a great team performance, Greg Williams Jr. was the story of the night. Greg played a rather flawless offensive game tonight, dropping 26 points on efficient shooting. He has made tremendous growth from year to year in his time at St. John’s and he is only trending upwards. BUY STOCK NOW. 

It’s difficult to score 94-points without absolutely lighting it up from beyond the arc. Tonight St. John’s did just that. The Red Storm hit 13 three-pointers while shooting over 44% from beyond the arc. Greg Williams Jr. and Julian Champagnie banged home 4 three’s a piece and Vince Cole chipped in with 3.Seeing St. John’s shoot the ball well isn’t exactly something we’ve been able to enjoy often over the past few years, but tonight it was a beautiful thing to watch. There is something about playing in Carnesecca that just gives everyone a little extra edge when they are shooting from beyond the arc.

BIG BRAIN ALERT: Personally, I think we should play all of our games at Carnesecca. Then maybe we could get ranked. If we had fans it would be even more of a sure thing, but I am willing to bet that if we played every game at Carnesecca we would be in the top-25. 

Player of the Game

Greg Williams Jr. had a career game tonight.  The junior guard scored a career high 26 points on 4 three-pointers while shooting 58% from the field.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: When Greg Williams Jr. plays confidently on offense, he is the best offensive player on this team and one of the top in the conference.  

What impressed me the most tonight about Greg’s game was his ability to score from all three levels.  He converted on tough layups in the paint, banged home triples, and chipped in a team high eight free throws.  

I’m sure number 4 made Greg Williams Sr. very proud tonight.

Play of the Game

This one had a lot of great highlights. But this play got me off my couch. 

Aggressive defense leading to easy offense. Quick passing, getting up the floor fast. This was a textbook fastbreak capped off by a rim rattling slam from Moore coming off a perfect feed from Posh.  

Okay, I couldn’t have just one play of the game so I have to throw this one in too. 


Box Score

Williams Jr.3102126
Roberts 010000

Gambling Results

The boys came through for us yet again as we cashed in on our ML bets. Shoutout to Killmer’s Crystal Ball for the free money tonight.